Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 8 Versus Carrum on 15 July 2018




Lost 7-4-46 to 9-15-69Mick, Thorney, Ribs, Damo, Fitzy, Seal, Lamby, AceAce, Seal, Scanners, Lamby, Sammy, Thorney, Rev



After a few weeks away against some stiff opposition it was good to be back home at Meade Reserve. We were up against our old foes Carrum Cowboys again seeking redemption from our last outing. We were greeted by a delightfully sunny yet deceptively windy winter's day. As the wind picked up so did the small but vocal crowd of loyal supporters, and we were underway.

The first quarter was completely as expected, with both sides unwilling to let the opposition get the jump. The Warriors forward pressure was immense, Carrum taking 10 minutes to get their first inside 50. A lovely left foot by Ace deep on the boundary got the scoreboard ticking over for us. Despite the wind advantage, the Warriors were unable to capitalize and a late goal to Carrum saw quarter time come with 1.2 apiece.

The Coaches message during the break was "if they can do it, so can we". The objective was to chip around and keep possession into the wind whilst not allowing their forwards an easy time. Mick, Tony, Gazz, Ange, Rowdy and Eddie did a terrific job limiting them to 3.5. Conversely Seal, Ace, Rev and Lamby did an equally good job moving the ball against the howling wind, where the likes of Dave, Fitzy, Scanners and Geelong made the most of the limited opportunities. Into half time 11 points down.

If we were going to stay in it, a huge 3rd quarter effort would be needed. The boys dug deep and delivered. Goals to Lamby, Sammy and Tony saw us kick 3.2 to their 1.1. to give us a slender 2 point lead at the last break. Not quite the scoreboard domination we needed, by hey, winners are grinners and we were rightfully happy with the effort.

We knew the last quarter would be difficult, with Carrum kicking with a stiffening breeze and plenty of cattle on the bench to rotate. The Warriors dug as deep as they could and gave everything they had. Sometimes it just isn't enough. This was one of those days, Carrum running out easy 23 point winners and all credit to them, that's how footy goes. The take away for us is that we have the skills and attitude to be competitive.

The game was played in good spirits, with no significant injuries. Playing footy with your mates on a nice sunny day and a beer and a pie afterwards. Winning is the cream on the cake for sure, but cake is still nice anyway!

Report By Coach Marko

Goals : Sammy, Scanners, Ace, Seal, Lamby, Tony, Rev Bests : Mick W, Tony, Ribs, Damo, Fitzy, Seal, Lamby,  Ace