Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 3 Versus Frankston on 06 May 2018




Won 19-9-123 to 0-0-4Seal, Sammy, Mitch, Ribs, Damo, RevSeal 6, Sammy 3, Ace 2, Geelong 2, Rev 2



Yet another perfect day for football ! Sun shining, no wind to speak of and we were at home at Meade Reserve taking on our old foes Frankston.

The message was to go out and enjoy the game, have fun and leave the ground with a smile on your face. Share the ball with your teammates, play with flair without being a lair and do the things we’d practised.

It turned out that we did all those things, and more. Frankston were no match for the juggernaut that was the Waverley Warriors. 5 goals in the opening 4 1/2 minutes set the scene for the entire day. Ribs did a fantastic job in the ruck, providing our mids with first options. Seal, Sammy, Geelong and Lamby moved the ball forward with monotony. Our forwards, led by the valiant Big Dave at Full Forward kept on presenting all day. Dusty, despite being hampered by a niggle, commanded across Half Forward to lock the ball in our forward zone and provide repeat attacks. Damo and Rev on the wings provided plenty of switch options which were used often and to great effect.

Any balls that did get across the centre were ably mopped up by Marky S with plenty of run provided by Mitch and our new guy Robbie L. Those two half backs drove the back straight back to the forward line where it belonged. A bit of a quiet day for the guys deep in defence, but on the rare occasion it did come their way Mick, Rowdy and Ange turned it back again. An underdone Lawrie did what he could to help despite being injured. It was a real credit to the entire back half to keep them goal-less. It would have been easy to relax and let one through, but we didn't, so well done boys ! Well done to Vinnie as well. Injured in the opening minutes it would have been easy to drop his head, but he didn't and we'll see him back in a fortnight.

Having the ball spend a lot of time forward gave us time to try a few things out and not be too concerned with trying to be 100% perfect all the time. We relaxed and played a more natural style of game. Winners are grinners and that was apparent. Fitzy ran amok, as did Ace who was supposed to being easing himself slowly back into the rigours of football. Gazza might be spending more time forward based on his effort today.

As a coach I was pleased with the four quarter effort put in by everyone. A victory has been a while in the making, and you all deserved it. Everyone did the things I'd asked and we'd practised over the months. A real team effort.

Goals : Seal 6, Sammy 3, Geelong 2, Ace 2, Rev 2, Dusty, Dave, Fitzy, Lamby

Bests : Everyone.

Report by coach Marko