Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 7 Versus Geelong on 02 July 2017




Won 8-7-55 to 8-6-54Sammy, Eddie, Seal, Tony, Ace, Mick, Rowdy, Vinnie, Marky SSammy 2, Mitch 2, Seal, Tony, Eddie, Dave S



Round 7 saw the Warriors venture the furthest afield this year, all the way to Geelong for their inaugural bout with the newly formed Geelong Masters over 50's team. Some players elected to stay in Geelong overnight, but for the rest it was a long but uneventful drive down the Princes Freeway. Upon arrival it was instantly clear that Grinter Reserve was a big ground, and coupled with the beautiful weather that meant we'd need to have our skates on today.

The games started with a Warriors clearance and the first foray forward. Geelong's backline were up to the task and easily repelled. Once they had the ball in their forward half, their forwards did an excellent job in locking it in. Despite a considerable effort from our mids, they dominated and fifteen minutes in we were down by 26 points and staring down the barrel of another loss. We eventually got our running game going and finished the quarter strongly with 2 goals, one each to Mitch and Dave S.

GM 4 2 26 WW 2 1 13

At quarter time the boys were made well aware of the slow start and to continue the late run into the second. Clearly the Geelong coach had noticed the same trend and worked to counter us. Our running dropped off, whilst theirs increased. Geelong furthered their lead by 12 points, with us kicking a solitary one. The mids continued to work hard, but without the support of the rest of the team things were looking bleak.

GM 6 3 39 WW 2 2 14

The half time break gave the team time to look deep inside and re-evaluate why we were here. There was a genuine belief that we should be winning this one and when the game restarted that belief was evident. Driven forward by Geelong Brad, mopped up by Ace out wide and delivered deep, Sammy snapped truly and we'd got one back inside 45 seconds. Back to the centre and again Geelong Brad soccered it forward, nearly killing Sammy in the process. Chips to Mitch, to Seal and back to Sammy saw us having another shot 2 1/2 minutes in. Unfortunately Sammy couldn't convert but the positive signs were there. Our forward pressure was up, locking it in to our end of the ground. A quick handball from Seal to Mitch and there was another major. Our total centre dominance took the pressure of our backs, but even when Geelong did manage to go forward the likes of Mick, Marky S, Rowdy and Billy stopped them in their tracks.

GM 6 4 40 WW 6 6 42

With their first half lead now a distant memory, Geelong came out fired up, looking for victory. The Warriors dug even deeper and matched their intensity. With only one on the bench for the day, the boys were starting to show the signs of a hard campaign. We managed to get 9 points up at one stage, but Geelong were not about to give up. They fought hard, slowly clawing their way toward a win. A mighty effort by our backs denied them the time and space to make their disposals count, and at the final siren we were up by the barest of margins.

GM 8 6 54 WW 8 7 55

In all, a terrific effort by the entire team. A gutsy, inspired win. A shining example of the Warriors spirit. Special thanks to big Dave C for giving us a hand and also to Lou Baric, who despite breaking his hand during the game continued to battle on.

Goals : Sammy 2, Mitch 2, Seal, Tony, Eddie, Dave S

Bests : Sammy, Ace, Eddie, Seal, Tony, Mick, Rowdy, Vinnie, Marky S

Injuries : Lou Baric (hand), Belly (foot)

Report by Coach Marko