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Supers Round 5 Versus Frankston on 04 June 2017




Lost 2-3-15 to 2-4-16Eddy, Seal, Rev, Tony, Vinnie, SammySammy, Seal



I don't know how, but the league manages to fixture our games to be on sunny days. A little bit of dew on the grass to make things interesting, but otherwise a pretty nice day for football. The Mighty Warriors playing host to Frankston, hoping to atone for the 53 point loss inflicted by them the last time we played. With a couple already out to injury (CT and Barnesy) and Mitch pulling out before the game we knew we'd better be 'on' from the start.

The boys didn't disappoint. With Damo and Tony again waxing in the ruck, the midfield engine of Seal, Rev, Geelong and Sammy provided the getaways we needed. We executed our style of play and retained the ball in our forward half for most of the quarter. Frankston's defence was resolute, and to their credit made scoring opportunities a rare commodity. A minor lapse in defence gifted the Tigersharks their only goal for the quarter.

WW 0 0 0 F 1 1 7

Going into the second, the plan was to continue what we were doing and reward for effort would come as a consequence. The game more resembled a basketball match as both teams transitioned, only to be blocked at the last line by solid defensive work. Sammy broke the deadlock, snapping a nice goal from 15m out. Losing Billy to a hammy didn't help, but Micky W stepped up and ably plugged the hole in our defence.

WW 1 0 6 F 1 2 8

The third provided much of the same, a dour struggle with neither side backing down. Frankston's effort saw them get their second goal more than 7 minutes in. For a game that spent a lot of time on the ground in dispute, Ace provided a welcome highlight with a leaping intercept in the centre and poised delivery forward. Marky S to full forward and Pinga into the ruck.

WW 1 1 7 F 2 4 16

With a couple of injuries and a limited bench, we could have excused ourselves and capitulated, but that isn't the Warrior way. We dug deep, stuck to our guns and continued on playing our game, looking for that break. We doubled our score (thanks to Seal) whilst keeping the opposition goal less for the second game in a row. Eddy ran rampant across the backline, mopping up at will. At times it looked like he had his own ball. Alas, we fell short on the scoreboard, but not in character.

WW 2 3 15 F 2 4 16

The defence was as solid a unit as I've seen all year, so hat's off to them. Likewise the players who at times played in unfamiliar positions, well done. We didn't get the chocolates, but the advances we have made are outstanding. Each game is part of the preparation for the next.

Report By Coach Marko

Goals : Sammy, Seal

Bests (from) : Eddy, Seal, Rev, Tony, Vinnie, Sammy, Ang, Gazza, Ace, Mick W.