Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 3 Versus Beaconsfield on 07 May 2017




Lost 4-5-29 to 7-6-48Gazza, Thorney, Malcolm, Geelong, Pinga, RowdyGeelong 2, Sammy, Ace



Round three saw us taking on who have become our traditional rivals, Beaconsfield. More like Arch Nemesis, since we have not been victorious over them (yet). Today was as good a chance as any, with a full list to choose from and some handy inclusions.

The first quarter was typified by scrappy contested ball, as would be expected given Melbourne's winter weather. There wasn't a lot in it, but Beacy were just that little bit more sure footed and slick of hand when it mattered. A very tidy left foot snap from Geelong Brad gave us the opening goal. Late in the quarter the heavens really opened up, reducing the skill level another notch.

ww 1 2 8 B 2 2 14

After the minor break it was much of the same. The warriors had plenty of the ball but failed to capitalise on the effort. Beacy had more run and seemed more willing to get numbers to the ball. Their relentless pressure paid dividends with only the one goal umpire being kept busy. Several times we managed to move the ball smoothly via Mitch, Marky S, through Seal, Rev, Ace and the like but Beacy were too good in getting back and intercepting. We need to just keep doing what we do and only a slight improvement will deliver big rewards. Solid work as usual from Rowdy and Billy.

ww 1 2 8 B 5 3 33

The boys attacked the third quarter with a bit more gusto. An early goal to Beacy was against the flow, but the second was well deserved. They were able to force our defenders up the ground and then get their skates on back into open space. We tightened up and didn't allow any further cheap entries. Rowdy to Eddie to Belly, a stoppage then Eddies quick hands found Tony who went long to Lamby, roved off the pack by Sammy and the Warriors got one back. The sort of ball movement we are very capable of, started by numbers around the ball in defence allowing us to rebound and drive the ball forward. Beacy must have sensed that we'd lifted our work rate and matched it accordingly. The rest of the quarter was an arm wrestle with neither team bothering the scorecard again


ww 2 4 16 B 7 6 48

At the huddle the coach asked the team to dig deep. Given the weather conditions, the game was done so it was a matter of resetting and hitting the last quarter with the intensity that we'd needed to show from the start. To their credit, the guys did exactly that, continuing the effort from in the third quarter. We almost doubled our score whilst keeping Beacy scoreless, with Sammy popping one over the back to the waiting Geelong. A sublime half pickup right foot snap dribble kick by Ace put a nice finishing touch to the game.

ww 4 5 29 B 7 6 48

Honourable losses are fine, but they don't pay the bills. Too many times we have come close in games, only to leave with the bitter taste of defeat. We truly are not far away, but as we all know, that extra 10% takes 90% of the effort.

Report By Coach Marko