Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 8 Versus Coburg on 31 July 2016




Won 10-10-70 to 4-4-28Rev, CT, Sammy, Damo, Rowdy, Ace, Billy, Pinga, Dave, DermieSammy 2, CT 2, Rev2, Ace, Tangles, Damo, Lamby



For such a cold and crappy winter, we had yet another beautiful day for football. Playing away against Coburg at W Ruthven VC Reserve we had a full complement of players including 6 on the bench. Kicking against the somewhat stiff breeze in the first quarter wasn't an ideal start to the day. To our credit the team dug deep and did the things we'd talked about and the things we needed to do to be competitive. So much so that we kept Coburg goal less for the quarter. Great work by Rowdy, Billy, Helga on the last line saw to that. Goals to Tangles and Ace saw us up at the first break, an excellent start that we have not had in some other games.

WW 2 3 15 C 0 1 1

The wind had mostly died down, so we weren't going the get the great advantage we hoped for. Instead it required everyone to stick to the structures and plan. The defensive zoning worked a treat, keeping the ball locked in our forward area for long periods of play. A goal to Sammy and a nice one on the run from Damo saw us stretch the lead at half time. We again stopped Coburg from bothering the goal umpire.

WW 4 6 30 C 0 4 4

We came back out for the second half perhaps a little ahead of ourselves. Coburg Kicked 3 unanswered goals in a relatively short period of time, and we realised they weren't dead yet. Rev went back to shore up the defence. CT joined the scoring list with a nice left footer. One more to Coburg and it seemed we had a fight on our hands. An injured Eddie was proppy in the forward pocket, but it wasn't his mouth that was affected and was terrific at organising the forward half. Gazza had a run on the ball and did a fine job. Rev drifted forward for his usual contribution and Sammy kicked a further steadier just before the siren.

WW 7 6 48 C 4 4 28

A timely reminder from the Coach at three quarter time saw the boys come out and play like they had for the first half. Ace and Dermie regained their dominance of the wings, Dave and Pinga likewise in the ruck and at full forward. Tony T did a great job across the centre and Belly ably assisted Marky S mopping up across half back. With our game plan once again intact we dominated the quarter, keeping Coburg scoreless. Full of running and sharing the ball by hand we enabled CT, Lamby and Rev to join in for majors.

WW 10 10 70 C 4 4 28

Well Done Boys, a great win, equally deserved by all. We got out of the blocks early and stayed there. Much easier on the coaches heart than a come-from-behind wi.

Report By Coach Marko