Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 3 Versus Frankston on 15 May 2016




Lost 1-10-7-76 to 3-5-23Ace, Mark D, Robbie G, Rev, Lamby, EddieAce, Rev, Dave S



Round 3 found us on a nice sunny day down at Eric Bell Reserve in Frankston. Ground in perfect condition and no wind to speak of. Frankston came to play in numbers, with 6 on the bench versus our one, thanks to Tangles from Narre.

We started well, putting a lot of pressure on the Frankston ball carriers, resulting in them having three hasty shots on goal for 3 points. A clumsy turnover by a champion player (no names, Willow...) gifted Ace a nice pass to the leading Big Dave, who didn't disappoint. 2 minutes later and another pass inboard inside 50 results in a turnover and a beautiful pickup by Rev and the second for the visitors. Unfortunately for us Frankston tightened up and two quick goals plus a controversial third after the siren put the home side 10 points up.

F 3 4 23 WW 2 0 12

Misfortune continued to dog us throughout the second term. Two goals from poor checking in defence put the home team in the box seat. We fought hard, with plenty of good fluent ball movement. Ace, Robby and Rev picking up plenty of possessions and the two Markys solid in defence. Turnovers were the order of the day, and when you are down on rotations as well, it is a killer. Cudos to Damo for the unenviable task of looking after Rusty.

F 5 5 35 WW 3 1 19

We entered the third term with plenty of spirit, but Frankstons class was just a little high. Against the odds we continued to fight on, even in the face of a drubbing, we not once dropped our heads and gave in. Sammy and Eddie continued to bulldoze as usual, Rowdy ably assisting in defence. A seesawing affair, the difference being Frankston making the most of their opportunities. We simply lacked the manpower to put our icing on the cake,but around the ground it was pretty even.

F 1 6 5 50 WW 3 4 22

By the last term we were the walking wounded. We had 5 players who perhaps should not have been out there, but to their credit they soldiered on. We shuffled the deck as best we could and every one tried that little bit harder to compensate. Fighting on whilst staring in the face of defeat is a character building exercise. We did not get the chocolates but I think we all learned a little more about our team mates. Well done boys.

F 1 10 7 76 WW 3 5 23

Report By Coach Marko