Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 2 Versus Essendon on 01 May 2016




Won 3-11-29 to 4-4-28Rob G, Sammy, The Rev, Ace, Mark SThe Rev 2, Sammy



We rolled up to our new home ground expecting a contest with a very good football side, Essendon. The weather was windy & showers expected during the game. It would be interesting to see how the team handled the Etihad style, fast track. Knowing how well the boys played the corridor out at Werribee last game, I had no doubt they would give Essendon some trouble.

I must say, nothing much has changed. I printed the team sheets in Over 35s Font size, so I had to lend my 2x magnification spectacles to every player so they could sign the sheet. I borrowed the goal umpires cards from Essendon (thanks guys) & left the paper work in the umpires rooms as no one had yet turned up. Always bedlam before a game! Thanks to Eddie for organising things, Brett for the running, Pinga for going home for the store keys, Jordon for time keeping & Frosty for Goal Umpiring.

I was happy to roll up at the ground to find the Reverend already getting changed. Rumour had it that he was not playing. I quizzed him on the state of his dud ankle. Fine he said! I almost believed him, knowing his reputation as the Holy man of the club. His crossed fingers & toes were the only give away! I must say that it was almost the truth, when after a fantastic 1st Qtr, he had kicked our only goal. The two Marks (S & D) were rocks in defence for us while new player Ace was sensational on the wing. Sammy kicked a couple of points, with Eddie & Tony T giving us presence around the ground. 1-2-8 to 1-2-7 at quarter time.

The second quarter saw Robbie G & Micky K getting into the game. Lamby went to a half back flank to give us drive from the back half. We pressed up on Essendon, but kicked 5 points. Luckily Rev popped up for a snapped goal, because in pressing up so far Essendon were able to get out the back twice for 2 goals. At Half time they had the lead by a point. Everyone needs to remember that the pace of our game is not that fast. You all have time to steady & make sure of your kicks.

At half time I impressed on the team that we were actually playing better than Essendon, apart from our finishing. If we kept up the good work, we had the chance to win the game! I gave Sammy the suggestion that he should kick goals not points. He shut me up within 30 seconds of the start of the quarter, as the ball evaded all defenders, Sammy slipped out the back to kick into an undefended goal mouth. I change Tony T to CHF & Damo to the wing, trying to get a target going forward & getting Damo to take out No.18, who had been causing us grief. Once again the 2 Marks were solid in defence, with Gary Rule working well with Rowdy & Helga. Dave S came into the ruck late in the quarter to help Pinga & Tangles out around the ground. 3-10-28 to 3-3-21 at quarter time.

The last quarter was a tug of war, the ball back & forth between the 2 forward lines without more than a point each. Our onballers & wings were great. Robbie G grabbing a heap of contested posessions, Ace & Sam mopping up a few too. The back line was solid & Lamby was inspiring. I thought we were behind when Essendon kicked their only goal for the half & started to send out the message 'last chance to score guys', only to look to the scoreboard to see our 1 point lead. With only minutes to go the backs, in the form of Rowdy & Helga stepped up to make sure nothing passed. I must say, to the team's credit, there was no panic. We played great defensive football & carried the day! 2 point winners against Werribee, 1 point winners today! 2 wins 0 losses. GREAT RECORD, but a long way to go boys.

Report By Coach Dermie