Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 1 Versus Werribee on 10 April 2016




Won 5-3-33 to 4-7-31Sammy,Strangey,Rev,Ange,Vinnie,Thorney,Kotsy,Rowdy,Damo,GazRev, Kotsi, Sammy, Vinnie, Pinga



The match was our first away at Werribee, played in near perfect conditions except for a variable, squally wind that would keep both teams on their toes.

With Pinga in the ruck, ably backed by Tony and Rev, we were able to make the early play into our forward line. Unfortunately we failed to capitalise and Werribee made the most of it with 1 goal 1. If not for the rebounding efforts of Marky S and Gazza it would have been worse. The quarter continued as a see-saw affair with neither team gaining the ascendancy. A great tackle on the wing by Kotsi drove us deep into attack, but again we didn't bother the scoreboard as the Werribee defence held firm. A nice tap-on from Kotsi to Sammy set up a another attack. A solid grab by Shano was chipped to Kotsi who had kept running down. Goal to Kotsi.

W 1.1 WW 1.0

The second quarter started quite even with Werribee scoring an early behind. Some great running out the back by Rev and Sammy saw the ball delivered to Big Dave at half forward, who presented at every opportunity. Damo kept taking them on from half back, with intercept marks and great running. Poor checking by the opposition allowed Rev to run off and narrowly miss for a minor score. Great forward pressure saw their kick-in returned back to the goal line where Vinnie had an ambitious over the head snap for another minor to the visitors. Scores level. Gazza continued to make a pest of himself across half back, with some nice link ups to Tony. A quick chip to Vinnie and a steady kick straight through the middle and the Warriors hit the front. A few minutes of scrappy play ensued. Good play by Werribee saw a forward on his own in the square. Quick kick over the top, and bang! Itís all tied up again. Unluckily a midfield turnover cost the Warriors another late goal and Werribee go into half time with their tails up.

W 3.2 WW 2.2

The third quarter saw Big Dave in the ruck, changing with Tony. Pinga the target up forward. We had most of the early play, an injured Mark D getting into the thick of things. Point to Werribee. See-saw. Another Werribee point. Good defensive pressure from Marky S and Rowdy kept it close. A fantastic diving mark to Vinnie kept the ball alive in our forward half. The boundary throw-in was sharked by Ange for a snap, but a point resulted. The brothers waxing just like the old days. Werribee ran the ball out of defence but a Gazza inspired turnover mopped up by Mark D saw the ball coming straight back in. More see-saw football. The hallmark of the day really. Werribee behind. The Rev kicked truly from a set shot and the Warriors get their first score for the quarter. Poor kicking due to good pressure sees Werribee notch up yet another behind. Our kick-in was intercepted which saw another Werribee set shot on goal, only to miss again.

W 3.7 WW 3.3

Great teamwork by the boys saw the game open up for an inspiring Sammy goal on the run. Warriors hit the front for the first time since midway through the second quarter. Fierce tackling from both sides saw neither getting a break. Good solid, hard football. A somewhat unusual umpiring decision against Tony saw a turnover that resulted in a Werribee goal. But the Warriors were not to be denied !. Sammy drove the ball deep into attack where Pinga finished it off nicely. The next three minutes were nail biting, but the boys didn't close down. They continued to attack the ball and take the game on. At the final siren Warriors by two points.

W 4.7 31 WW 5.3 33

Thanks to Eddie, Belly (late withdrawal) and Dermie (Team Manager and Videographer) for their help. Thanks also to Werribee for lending us Muz, Larry, Geoff, Wayno, Hawke and Matho at various times.

Report By Coach Marko