Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 4 Versus Beaconsfield on 17 May 2015




Lost 1-1-7 to 7-6-48Eddie, Sammy, Marko, Damo, ShaneBig Dave



Round 4, saw the Over 50's travel to Beaconsfield to kick the dew off the grass. Change of venue, publishing the wrong venue, players going to the wrong venue, turning up late and not turning up at all, did not make it possible for us to put our best foot forward.

Playing against one of the top sides, they showed us early on how to move the ball and kick to the advantage of their team mates. Down by 5 goals to 0 at half time, the Warrior spirit came out and showed in the second half and the back line in particular held up extremely well.

Great to see Eddie back into form, and Sammy also coming back into his best form. Captain Daimo battled hard, despite copping a terrific falcon on the beak. Marko and Shane played well and Mark Strange and Motty were solid contributors in the back line as usual.

Report By Coach Pants