Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 3 Versus Ascot Vale on 03 May 2015




Lost 0-4-4-28 to 1-7-6-57Rob G, Damo, The Rev, Sammy, PogzyKieran, Sammy, Gazza, Vince



With our fearless leader away we ventured to Narre Warren our first home game away from home go figure!

Ascot Vale came up from 45s and like Plenty Valley had a good running side who played a simple but effective style of run and carry game and opened up as they went forward. The biggest thing we could learn from their game was their discipline and willingness to work for each other. Their efforts in spotting the loose man show how easy it can be if you lower your eyes.

As for our team Marco & Damo were given roles in defence and had great games well done boys. Ray & Mark Strange again showed they're rarely beaten. Rev started back then went on the ball and continued his Brownlow form thanks also for your help mate you have a great footy brain and know how to translate that to others. In the middle Rob, Sam & Edward were on top early with Pinga winning the ruck and I'm positive as they play more games together they will set up some good wins for the club. We had our toughest time up forward Fitzy was dangerous as usual and got his goal yet again. Lou & Page worked hard but found out its a tuff area of the ground to find space. Gazza and Pogs had big battles on the wings with plenty of contests all day and earnt their beers for sure. George, Terry, Vinn,y Shane put in all day thanks guys.

Kieran played the second half and was a big target up forward that we missed in the first half thanks KB. Mitch and Ang also helped in second half and certaintly added polish. Belly pulled out on the morning of the game but came and helped on the bench with Glen thanks to you both your efforts where 100% and big thanks to the Trainer also. Even though we lost we showed signs when we put 4 quarters together we won't be beat stay positive boys and back yourselves and it will happen.

Report By Motty