Legends Over 50s

Supers Round 1 Versus Coburg on 12 April 2015




Lost 4-8-32 to 6-12-48Thorney, Big Dave, The Rev, Pinga, Mark S, PogzyBig Dave 2, Fitzy, The Rev



The over 50's ventured to the famous Coburg VFA ground, where we played against a team that last year had played Premier Over 47's. As expected for the first game all players were a bit rusty and basic skills such as kicking and marking let many players down.

Coburg won by just under 3 goals in a competitive game played in exactly the right spirit for over 50's football. As always goals were at a premium with Big Dave bagging two and the usual suspects Fitzy & The Rev one a piece

Reported By Pants

Well boys we finally go there after a preseason of will we, wont we. Our first game, great to welcome Rob to our team after not having a game in 20 yrs. He certainly showed it at first but as the game went on he produced some great efforts and will be flying before long.

As always a big thanks to all the helpers sure all the boys will buy you a DRINK over the season (SOFT DRINK for the young ones how time have changed )


Not a bad game boys or should i say coaches it was like being at dinner with POGZY 501 ways to skin a cat. You gotta lov the passion but poor old decrepitude Nashie (THE SMARTEST IN THE ROOM ) may need a pay rise. So i think we should double what he's on $$$.

Pinga & Marko, what a marriage we just need a name so throw your suggestion my way. Those that haven't seen it in action you don't know what your missing, maybe at one of the breaks they could get up and chat. Just the relief NASHIE may need.

Kieran never disappoints the discussion before is arrival was will he show up with his famous plastic bag. Odds were tipping towards a Coles sponsorship!!!. On his arrival a whee bit late to everyones disappointment it was a sports bag.Then in true kieran style he said this '' im not late been here for 20 min just couldn't get in ". Maybe what you where looking for was a ENTRY GATE. Just throwing that out there mate.

The warm up in true superules style as we don't do what others do. Out we run and head in 45 directions its great to see and im sure it confused the Coburg boys. WHAT THE!!!!


Player races into an open goal and bang forgot he was playing AUSSIE RULES where im sure you can use the hands and fresh aired it POINT of the day.YES you know its about you Fitzy ( Pele). Luckily i wont mention the dropped mark that went straight out of bounds.

KOTSI friendly fire or was it? I handballed to him in front of Coaches box then proceded to sheppard and BANG KOTSI throws the ball away WACK got me straight in the mush (im sure i payed that dentist bill mate) and i know what some of you are thinking B.O.G KOTSI

MARK STRANGE what a great mark at CHF and thats where it ends,THE NEXT BIT MAKES THE HIGHLIGHTS the 1.5 meter short pass to SAMMY standing next to you had us in laughter.

Eddie the ultimate porfessional runs out after half time and says WHICH WAY WE GOING? I don't know ED maybe the oposite end to last qrt. Not the best from ED but im sure he'll have plenty more coming our way.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK who said this? [i know im the smartest in the room]. BLEEP ME, maybe we need to define smart.

Dont think the rest of you have got away with it. My spyies will be out in force next game so be ready for the ROASTING


For all you faceboy fans bombers play blues next week and two of our own make it well worth logging on !!!!!

Reported By The Dribbler ( lov ya all )