Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 8 Versus Northern Districts on 16 July 2017




Lost 1-1-7 to 23-12-150Ace, Juzzy, Seal, Dasha, PeteDasha



We had northern coming down to our home turf we were pretty up beat especially seeing the 50s putting on a good show before us. We were lucky to have 6 x 50s players fill in which I was very happy they did.

I put big Steve back in the ruck 1st qtr. Northern started strongly kicking 6 goals in the first. We had some good passages of play set up by Ace and Seal strong on the wings. In the second qtr we had to play very defensive due to a strong wind. We had Dasha off with a blood nose. Juzzy was performing well again and skinny Pete was getting a bit of the ball. At half time we were around 11 goals down but the boys were competitive.

The third qtr started and the injuries mounted. Brad received concussion and rugby Steve tore his massive bicep. The shining light in the last half was Dasha's goal and it was good for the boys to put a score on the board. Hard day for the boys well done for keeping ultra competitive. Thanks again to Seal, Ace, Billy, Brad, Rev, Tony Thorne, cheers boys. Two more games to go keep positive boys and really enjoy it.

Best players: Ace, Juzzy, Seal, Dasha, Pete . Two more games to go keep positive boys and really enjoy it.

Report By Coach Disco