Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 7 Versus Melbourne on 02 July 2017




Lost 2-1-13 to 15-20-110Juzzy, Skinny Pete, Tala, Razz, AgroAgro, Leigh Gold



We were back on our home turf at Clayton playing against Melbourne. We knew it was going to be tough as we started the game with 15 players. It was Santa Klaus's 50th game well done again.

The game started with Clint in the ruck getting the first tap to Pete but with only having 15 we were very undermanned. Tala provided Louey with a great switch of play. The backline battled hard all day. At qtr time we were 5 goals down.

Razz was doing well on the wing. Pete, Tala, Dasha and Juzzy were doing some good stuff. Agro and Bear were battling hard in the backline and Straughnie did a good job on number 28.

In the 3rd qtr Leigh gold received a free kick and slotted a goal, his first for the club. It was great to see all the boys get over to him and he stared straight over to the bench and gave Karl and I the thumbs up. After that we put Agro in the ruck and he went down and kicked a goal so we kicked 2 in the qtr. Good qtr.

Brad Currie and Louey battled hard as well. Juzzy played a brilliant game seeing it was his first game back. So we went down 15 goals to 2 but the boys are always positive and upbeat.

Goal Kickers: Leigh, Agro

Best Players: Juzzy, Skinny Pete, Tala, Agro Brad, Razz

Report By Coach Disco