Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 6 Versus Werribee on 18 June 2017




Lost 9-4-58 to 15-7-97 Sammy, Agro, Disco, Peter, ClintPuppy Brad 3, Sammy 2, Seal, Dasha, Lou, Rugby



We travelled down to Werribee on a beautiful Sunday. We started pre-game well with all players there before 12.15 which was pleasing. That's where it stopped. Once again we were jumped big time in the first qtr. They kicked 8 straight to 0 . We only passed our forward 50 3 times. We were trying hard but they had all the answers. The second qtr was much better. We started winning the ball in all areas. Clint battled hard in the ruck, Pete Le was doing well with Disco, Dasha and Agro. Brad Currie was good up forward. In the 3rd qtr we started to really get back into some form with the 50s guys really doing some good plays. Sammy, Seal, Eddie and Damo did a great job. It was a bit unlucky Dasha got knocked down but the little warrior he was straight back out there. Brad Currie with 3, Sammy with 2, Seal and Dasha with one, great effort boys. Next game hoping we can start strong.

Best players Sammy Disco Agro Brad Currie, Clint, Seal

Report by Coach Disco