Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 5 Versus Northern Districts on 04 June 2017




Lost 0-0-0 to 31-20-206Lee Bailey, Dasha, Disco, Rugby Steve, Jude-



We travelled out to yulong reserve it was a bright sunny day good day for footy. We started the game with 14 players which I was fuming that guys just rock up when ever they want. To Northern's credit they lent us 4 players which was good of them. The only positives for the game was new player Lee played well at full back. Dasha was good all day and was good to see Agro back. By half time we were about 20 goals down but to the boys credit they tried hard and kept trying. That's all I ask for this year. To sum up the day very disappointing but that's footy for you. The great thing about footy is there's always next week. So if we keep positive and get 18 guys to the ground on time we have a real chance of winning our first game at Werribee.

Best players: Dasha Lee Bails Disco Paceman Jude

Report By Coach Disco

Note from Warriors committee: There are no excuses for rocking up late for games without notifying your coach or team manager. We do not want this situation happening again. You need to be at the ground by 11:30am for 12:45pm game time starts.