Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 2 Versus Western Saints on 23 April 2017




Lost 6-6-42 to 13-11-89Dasha, Tala, Karl, Disco, JuzzyJuzzy 2, Karl 2, Agro, Santa Klaus



We had a massive journey out to Braybrook to take on the Western Saints . We manage to get a team together by the start thanks to Hi Man and Carl. Was good to see new players George, Muzz and Steve playing theirfirst game. We started off brilliantly dominating play and kicking goals early. with Dasha playing his best game that I have seem him play. Tala was playing great again and Juzzy was working hard in the forward line. Carl was controlling the wing. It was so up lifting to see Klaus and Agro kick their first goals for the club. Once again Puppy Brad was working hard in the ruck. Our backline was doing a awesome job but what I harp about is too much handball. Hi man was brilliant helping out the backline. I told the boys at quater time that we were brilliant in play but too much hand ball. In the 2nd qtr Carl, off the wing, kicked a fantastic goal but we let some easy goals slip in. At half time the game was even.

They had the jump on us early in the 3rd qtr and they had some guys from the ones with fresh legs. We battled hard but we were trying and getting upset with each other which deeply disappointed me. We are all good mates and must respect each other. On the brighter side first gamers all battled hard and are getting better. Special thanks to the 35s and 50s that helped out. Also special thanks to Mitch for being asstiant coach and runner, you are a champion guy. With what happened on the weekend there will be a meeting Wenesday night which every player must attend.

Report by Coach Disco