Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 1 Versus Box Hill Nth on 09 April 2017




Lost 4-3-27 to 9-8-62Tala, Disco, Dasha, Puppy Brad, RaoBig Cam, Juzzy, Dasha, Rao



After a very enjoyable pre season it was great to get back into real stuff. We played at Jordan reserve in very wet and trying conditions. The guys were very quiet in the warm up but once it came game time they switched on. It is a very new look 35 reserves team which I'm honoured to coach. We announced Tala as captain, Dasha as vice and Juzzy as deputy vice and they didn't let me down.

1st qtr Puppy Brad went at it in the ruck and did an awesome job specially early in 1st qtr. The backline was holding strong lead by Thorney and getting some run from Strughnie and Razz and Steve, the new guys, performing well. Box hill kicked a couple of easy goals early. But to the boys credit they came back and late in 1st qtr Alok kicked a nice snag.

Klaus was competing well at full forward. Juzzy kicked a ripper from the boundary and Dasha kicked a snap goal and we lifted going in to half time. On ballers Tala, Dasha and Disco were getting plenty of it. And it was good to see Lee and Wicket competing well.

3rd qtr box hill were getting on top of us i think we have to learn not to handball too much and drive the ball long. Last qtr was a hard slog but we had only 16 on the ground. I was super proud of all the players. That put on the Guernsey. A massive thanks to 50s players Ange, Eddie, Brad Geelong, Thorney and I hope Scotty Lester can keep playing. Next game we are a massive chance to have our first win.

Report By Coach Disco