Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 9 Versus Peninsula on 14 August 2016




Won 8-10-58 to 6-8-44Big Cam, Tala, Tex, Disco, BazzBig Cam 3, Coach Lee 2, Tala, Puppy, Scotty Lester



We travelled down to Mornington to play Peninsula, what a great day for footy. I noticed the boys had a steely look about them during the preparation. We had our vice-captain pull out before the game with sickness and Aaron missed as well.

QTR1 Waverley 3.5 - Peninsula 1.0

From the opening bounce we started really well. The midfielders were all on top of their opponents, sharing and helping each other and the voice was really good, Big Al giving us first option in the ruck. Our forwards were working really hard to keep the ball inside 50mt with some terrific tackling and chasing. A really good kick from Tex hit me up for our first goal, Cam kicked a long goal for us and Scotty kicked a classic front and centre goal. Jeremy was having a real impact on the game, hard to believe that this bloke is only 5 games in after a knee reco and playing this well. All players were having impact.

QTR2 Waverley 3.6 - Peninsula 5.3

Well, talk about a change in quarters, a lack of help, to many rushed kicks, poor manning up and minimal link up play, the score board tells the story enough said.

QTR3 Waverley 7.8 - Peninsula 5.7

We focused at half time about regrouping, helping each other, sharing, composure, manning up and playing our forward and defence structures better. Actions speak louder than words and too the players credit it was a much better quarter. Instrumental was a chase by Juzzy to stop a certain goal. Probably one of the plays of the year for us , Baz contests in the BP, Tex swoops onto the loose ball and drives long to Jeremy who impacts the contest picks up the ball , kicks to Scotty , hands off back to Jeremy, he kicks to the top of the square and Cam marks and goals coast to coast. The Bull Tala banged a cracker through from a stoppage and I kicked one after terrific play from Fitzy, Tala and Cam. An impressive quarter of footy by all the players.

QTR4 Waverley 8.10 - Peninsula 6.9

We started the quarter well again at a stoppage with quick hands from Bomber who just got better as the game went on, Big Al a quick kick, a good contest from Jeremy and Scotty hands out to Cam for a goal. The rest of the quarter was a real scrap with both teams throwing everything they had into it. In the end we were able to find a way to win with some real composure from our back half Matty D, Matty C and Fitzy. It was great to have Baz back who made some telling spoils late in the game. The last two games have been great preparation for us heading into finals. An awesome year finishing 2nd on the ladder, now it's time for the real stuff. Let's prepare as best we can for Cranbourne and give this a real shake, we have the team and players to do it.

Happy Coach Lee