Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 8 Versus Parkdale on 31 July 2016




Lost 5-5-35 to 8-5-53Tala, Big Cam, Juzzie, Disco, JeremyAaron 2, Big Cam, Disco, Matty C



Today we were back at our home ground at Narre Warren. The ground was in excellent condition as the weather was great for a day of footy.

We started well with the opening goal with the boys in the middle of the ground fighting hard for no easy possessions to Parkdale. It looked like we settled into the game really well but as the first and second quarters rolled on we went away from how we play with structure, sharing and helping each other. I could see frustration in the players at the breaks, we knew what we werenít doing however we just couldnít properly get it going, however we were getting the ball enough and we were fighting hard to stay in the contest, this is a real trait of our team never give up. We finished the half behind with scores 2-3-15 to 5-2-32, their full forward having a big impact. At half time I spoke about getting back to our structure as that was probably the main reason for us struggling to score and to get back to helping each other with some more run, carry and dare to take a risk.

We started the 3RD pretty much the same as the first two quarters trying hard but not getting much results. I sent a fairly strong message to both Captain and Vice-Captain to lift and to their credit they lifted with Matty D giving us his usual run and carry and Yianni got on his bike with the best quarter and a bit he has given this team all year with his aggression and will to chase and tackle, run and carry having involvement in 3 goals in these quarters. Tala worked his guts out from the first bounce as well and showed terrific leadership. Aaron and Big Cam tried hard kicking a few goals for us. We were a bit unlucky not to have got to 1 goal down in the last quarter, then they got a lucky free but that happens. In the end we lost by 3 goals but Iím sure the boys will feel better to get that game out of the way for a number of reasons. Super proud how we turned it around and kept in the game and we were running on top of the ground at the end, they just had a bit more poise and used their players a bit better earlier in the game.

Hopefully we get the chance to get a crack at them again however we have Peninsula next who need to beat us to make the finals, all going that Mordi doesnít beat Parkdale so itís another big game for us and great preparation heading towards the finals. Letís make sure we get to training and train well, there is spots up for grabs in this team still so give it your best shot over the next game, Keep up the great work super proud of you all.

Report By Coach Lee