Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 7 Versus Carrum on 17 July 2016




Won 9-20-74 to 1-2-8Disco, Tala, Aaron, Coach Lee, TexAaron 4, Coach Lee 4, Disco 1



Today we were back to our home ground at Clayton, we were presented with a sunny day with a strong wind favouring one end of the ground. There were 24 players selected however we had a couple pull out and we played with 22.


We won the toss with our Captain Johnny filling in for Matty D winning the toss and going with the wind. Carrum had some pretty big lads playing and let us know about it early with their tackling however the boys started really well with our midfield, wings and half backs dominating all the play, unfortunately we didn't get reward for effort kicking 2-11. Seal and Miles both had terrific starts to the game until Miles he got hurt, Great courage to come back on, It was also great to have Tex back in the team and he showed what he brings to us as a team with his kicking and tackling and voice.


This quarter was against the wind, the message run and carry try control the footy. To the credit of the backs and midfielders they all worked really hard to block up the space and get back when we didn't have the ball, Big Al was like a wall. Puppy was playing his role and giving us some link up from half back, He Man loves the dirty work, shepherding, tackling, a terrific effort, unfortunately Johnny got an injury to his shin and ankle and wasn't able to have his usual impact, With some Trinelle magic the Champ kept putting his hand up to get back on the ground, things just didn't roll for you this week but you will be back bigger and better next game. A terrific team effort to kick 2-3 in the second quarter against the wind and keep Carrum to 1 point.


Back with the wind for the 3rd quarter kicking 4-6, so we dominated the play and got a bit more reward. Aaron was having a belter of a game going between CHF and FF, he kicked 4 for the game and took some telling marks. The big man has some serious wheels as well. Big Cam was giving us great options as usual but had a few niggling issues during the game but kept playing his role. The midfielders were all doing well with Tala probably the stand out player for us with his grunt and will to work, Juzzy copped a couple of big knocks and kept putting in and Cocky giving us his line breaking running and kicking. Bomber, Geelong, Scotty, George, Jeremy, Fitzy, all putting in, it was a tough day as a FP or HF with the ball carrying so much on one end and the opposite the other way.


Last quarter I spoke to the boys about keeping our record of not letting a team score a goal in the second half, unfortunately Carrum kicked one goal with the wind, I'm still pretty happy though. Coach Lee kicked 4 majors and started to find his legs which is great for his confidence, Dasha was sent a message from me in the last quarter and responded, now I know where Dasha comes from, No concrete boots there mate lol, A terrific last quarter mate. Very efficient with the footy and poise. Disco, I gave this bloke a new role this week onto the wing to use his running and what a game he played. Not sure how many possession he got but must have been 20 at least. His run and carry and kicking was as good as I've seen from him all year, Gotta love when a player grabs his new role with both hands. By far our most consistent and best player for the game until Tex tried to kill him.

I couldn't ask for more from you except there is still a bit of short kicking to 1 on 1, I'm sure I would have got a message to you yesterday, it's a must to get that out of our game as it's not what we train or play. On the positive another terrific game as a team, I couldn't ask for anymore from you, if I could imagine being at Rnd 7 with 6 wins and 1 loss I would take it any day. We have Parkdale in 2 weeks' time at home at Narre Warren, I'm sure we are all looking forward to seeing how we go against the undefeated team, It will be a terrific challenge for us. Looking forward to it.

Well done to the 50s on a Great win as well, nice to see the tide turn for you guys.

Happy Coach Lee