Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 6 Versus Box Hill Nth on 03 July 2016




Won 20-17-137 to 0-2-2Juzzy, Cam, Tala, Cocky, Jeremy, Matty D, Johnny (KB)Jeremy 4,Geelong 3, Lee 3, Johnny 2, many more kicked 1



QTR1 - A mild but windy day welcomed us out at Elgar Park Box Hill. With 7 changes to the team from our last game the boys were keen to get the job done. Today we lowered the rotations to give players more opportunity to play their positions without a break and also looking to consolidate our team. We started really well with Cocky making an instant impact with his speed and skills, being moved to the midfield from the half forward line. Unfortunately we did not get the results early again however dominating the game. Coach Lee with 2 goals in the first with terrific kicks to the top of the square by Bomber, having a great start when he got his chance and Dama, Matty C with 1.

1/4 time scores Waverley 3.6-24 - Box Hill 0.2-2

QTR2 - We started the second quarter really well, Tala leading the way with his usual grunt and kicking a goal. Jeremy is getting better every quarter he gets in after the knee surgery, the Big man kicked 4 goals, 2 rippers from front and centre plays, love your work Jezza. Geelong chipped in with 3 for the day with some good front and centre footy as well. The backs were stopping everything that was going in there with Dasha setting the standard with a great mark early on, with Bear and Puppy playing their roles, Klause and George keeping their man quiet and Matty D and Seal driving the ball long inside the forward 50mt continuously, Great job fellas.

Half Time scores Waverley 8.8-56 - Box Hill 0.2-2

QTR3 - Again a great quarter of footy with us kicking 6 goals, nice to have some accuracy boys, reward for effort. Big Cam was just massive all game, he makes such a difference to the structure, must have had a dozen marks at CHF and kicked 1, Terrific game Cam. The wingers played their roles very well with John Marko new to the role and he got better as the game went on, Fitzy is in some great form backing himself to win the ball and kicking long, going well Fitzy. Scotty Lester had a run on the wing and contributed well with plenty of possessions, a solid performance. Matt C taking a strong contested mark when he did not lead and goaling HAHA. It was great to get a game in with Matt as we played together some 20 years ago. Not much has changed though I still kick more goals than him.

3/4 TIME SCORES - WAVERLEY 14.10-94 - BOX HILL 0.2-2

QTR4 - For the 4th game in a row we have kept the opposition scoreless, credit goes to all the players on their commitment to playing their roles to achieve this, well done. What a quarter of footy. Our fitness, run and carry, ball use was exceptional kicking 6 goals and 7 points. Our Vice Captain Johnny KB (Kevin Bartlett) not Kick Boxer had a terrific game and is growing into the role of a quality half forward however he kicked 2 goals 7 points. Enough said on that hey Dama. Just be around for the vision on Wednesday, I am sure you will cop it from the boys. Well done to HE-MAN being asked to play a role he is not used too, filling a spot in the midfield, well done. BOG I reckon Juzzy, just awesome with your chasing, tackling and field kicking, you are not glamorous out there but you are one hell of a player and you get the job done week in week out. A credit to you. In the end we got through another game with little injuries however Mitch did seriously hurt his finger and will need surgery, mate our thoughts are with you as we all know how much you love this club and put the time into getting yourself prepared for games and training, just get yourself better mate. A terrific day for the 35s winning with a club goal scoring record I am told, Our structures and systems are really starting to get together and we are getting the results when we play them.

Lets keep building with getting to training, pushing and supporting each other. Love your work lads.

Final Scores - WAVERLEY - 20.17-137 - BOX HILL 0.2-2

Report By Happy Coach Lee