Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 11 Versus Parkdale on 11 September 2016




Lost 3-3-21 to 10-9-69Baz, Cam, Fitzy, Jezza, He-ManBig Cam 2, Tala



Today we ventured to Cranbourne to play the undefeated Parkdale in the GF.

My thoughts on the game was that we could win as long as we played at our optimum for majority of the game and have no lapses. It looked like the majority of the players were pretty calm and ready to play, I think Jon Marko was a little nervous lol. Unfortunately Parkdale were just a bit better with ball movement and sticking to their game plan a bit better than us under pressure. We tried very hard as a team all day and I still believed at 3/4 time that if we got a run on we may be able to get them, but we just couldn't put it on the scoreboard.

A few mentions from the game, I thought the backline in He-Man, Baz, Fitzy, Matty D, Bear were terrific and a big thanks to Mark Strange for stepping in on a late call up. The midfield tried hard all day, I have exhausted Tex, Tala, Juzzy and Glen all year in here with a bit of help from Jezza and Disco. A massive thumbs up for just going all the time with no excuses. The forward line going into the game I thought it was the most dangerous we had looked all year but I just wasn't to be. Parkdale defended well and we probably didn't get the ball in there enough and when we did it wasn't clean footy, it's an area we need to improve on next year. Cam was sensational especially with his ankle injury in kicking 2 goals. In the end Parkdale were just a bit better than us. Congratulation to them. I believe that we were able to keep them to their two lowest scores of the year so that in itself was a great effort.

I make mention of the players who got sick or injured between the last game Matty C, Miles and our VC Yianni, it would have been great if you could have played but we were all thinking about you. We put in everything this year from coach, team manager to players and we just missed. So well done to all in the club on a great year and supporting me in my first year at the club, hopefully we can keep improving and see if we can go one better next year.