Reserves Over 35s

Supers Round 11 Versus Bayside on 23 August 2015




Lost 4-3-27 to 16-12-108Disco, Seal, Cam, Matty C, Juzzy, Miles, TexCam 2, Matt C 1, Miles 1



Wrap up over 35s

After the last home and away game against Bayside it wasn't our best game. We started well at quarter time it was anyone's game . But as most of our second and third quarters were not good.

All year, apart from that game and Cranbourne, we had a good year. I am extremely proud of the boys and we are improving every year, every player has come a long way and it was fantasic to push for finals. Next year we should make it.

I would like to thank all committee members for giving me the coaches job. As you know it's not an easy gig. Pants also did an amazing job. I would like to thank Matty D and Seal for giving me a hand all year. Also Nick, Mitch and Brad Geelong for helping me out. Hope to see everyone at Presentation Night.

Regards coach Disco