Supers Over 35s

Supers Round 5 Versus De La Salle on 03 June 2018




Lost 4-10-34 to 11-7-73Luke, Doksi, Silk, Simo, HiManJason, Machine, Booma, Clappers



We headed out to De La Salle home ground in Malvern which brought back some 'old' (very ) memories for the coach. After some late changes we fielded a strong side with 4 reserves on the bench (thanks to them for sticking their hand up at short notice) Ground was short which suits warriors play and dry plus the addition of two assistant coaches Tex and Miles

As per usual first quarter was a physical affair with both sides not giving an inch both sides attacked and warriors defence was holding firm , Luke was forcing DLS to bring the ball round the flanks and kept the pressure on his man. Our defense was repelling there attacks but we were struggling to score, it was an even battle in the middle with on ballers head over the pill and pushing forward, Al playing at HFF was showing glimpses of form

Scores Warriors 2.2.14 DLS 1.2.8

Second quarter continued DLS had a few early scores , Jason lifted the team's spirit with a great run up the far wing but we failed to capitilise on our scoring opportunities, we were looking for switches and finding space but our finishing??? Defense held strong with Matty D taking some nice intercept marks and Bazza starting to rack up possessions with clearances. Some bone jarring tackles by both sides towards end of 2nd quarter let everyone know the game was up for grabs, Doski and Cuddles tackles mad our teeth rattle

Scores Warriors 2.5.17 DLS 3.5.23 - not much in it!

Out of the sheds for the second half game picked up from where left off, Skinny pete and Hiiman were on the receiving end of some heavy collisions that they backed into with Pete done for the day. Silk, Simmo and Karl where throwing there selves in however Scoreboard pressure is the key and unfortunately we were unable to apply it and DLS managed to skip out to a 3 goal break at the end of the third quarter

Scores Warriors 3.6.24 DLS 6.7.43

In preparation for the last quarter the coaching team had been rotating key players off the bench to have some run left in the tank. Coaches were confident we could put in a good showing and maybe steal this one, we continued to drive the ball forward, Luke was running hard out of the back line with some clever kicks but we were unable to score. We had many clean pushes forward in the first ten minutes and needed to take advantage of our opportunities, Rhetta had some nice clever clearances and Al had a spring in his leap. DLS ran out winners

Scores Warriors 4.10.34 DLS 11.7.43 (5 scoring shots each in the last quarter!)

Great attitude, enthusiasm and commitment was shown thanks to Dasha, Nam, Frenchey and Skinny Pete for putting there hand up at short notice, also to Mark Strange who played 2 games and then ran for supers (3 coaches!) It was hard to pick the best players as many played well and were deserving. We continue to improve and are now up with the pace we have players to come back in for our second half which looks promising. We have shown for last few games we can play as well as our opposition we just need to score, Goal kicking and marking practise are the order of the day at next training sessions

Goals Jason Machine Clappers Booma

Best Luke, Doski, Silk, Simmo, Hiiman

Report By Coach Frosty