Supers Over 35s

Supers Round 9 Versus Western Saints on 30 July 2017




12-7-79 to 9-9-63Lou, Bomber, He-man, Nick, MachineMachine 5, Kieran 3, Big Cam, Bomber, Johnny KB, Sareth



Round 9 at home hosting top of the ladder Western Saints . Not sure on the committee who places the weather order for the game but another dry sunny day greeted us with the ground in excellent condition and a breeze drifting 45deg across the ground the railway end. We had selected a full supers squad raring to go and 5 on the bench ! The team was in the rooms early and appeared very focused. The coach had some surprises up his sleeve with some Warriors being placed in unfamiliar roles.

The game started at a quick pace and we ran the ball well with the wind and had plenty of possession, again this week we were able to put it on the scoreboard with 4 goals to 2, a great Rhetta goal off the centre square on the run just when we needed it . We continued similarly in the second quarter to kick further 3 to go into the sheds 17 points up. Rotations were working well with players coming on and off the bench regularly, our defence was also working well (overtime) as usual playing on opposition much bigger.

There is a famous quote that the '3rd quarter is the premiership quarter' (Take 2)

Western came out and hit us hard early but the Warriors were not going to succumb to the pressure and continued to score with 5 shots at goal achieving 4 goals 1 , our goal kicking had finally arrived with our forwards working well together and Luke battling away at CHF to free up others(tough possy to play) There were a number of bone crunching tackles which resulted in Kieran, Cam and Tex coming to the bench, Western were still in the game and were applying plenty of pressure with our defenders under a fair bit of pressure late in the quarter but we repelled the Western attacks and turned into attack for Warriors. At the end of 3rd quarter we had doubled Western's score

The last quarter Western were always going to come out hard and they kicked 3 quick goals out of the middle which gave them a sniff, quick despatch of runner and some subtle player movements (Cuddles & JP) held up this charge and a goal from Warriors ensured in the last few minute's that we would take the chocolates

Good effort from everyone - This game we showed we can not only play at this level but can go on with it under pressure, to the guys who received injuries thankfully they will not keep you out of next game and to the man of steel Kieran who returned to the field taped together Thanks. Next game is BHN at their home ground

Report By Coach Frosty

Best Loui, Bomber, Nick, Himan, Kieran, Machine

Goals Machine 5, Kieran 3, KB John 1, Tex 1, Bomber 1, Rhetta 1