Supers Over 35s

Supers Round 5 Versus Northern Districts on 04 June 2017




Lost 5-7-37 to 8-6-54Big Al, Silk (Lou), Big Cam, Nick, BomberJude 2, Big Cam, Rhetta, Throney



Round 5 saw us in middle of our 3 game road trip taking on the top side Northern Districts at their ground in Bundoora. Big day with Northern celebrating their 30 years and a visit to our rooms pre game by president of the league to address us about umpires (no send offs so far this year and disciplined it was a bit strange!). Down a few players with 4 from the masters and supers reserves filling in, 3 on bench to start vs their overflowing bench

The game started and pace was on straight away with Northern Districts settling quickly and hitting the score board early with quick 3 goals - our tackles were being broken and allowing them to link up and get their game going . We managed to start to run the ball and kick a goal however lost Cuddles late in the quarter

We regrouped at quarter time and immediately started impacting the game with both sides moving the ball and taking shots one for one. Cam was starting to get free with Louy and new recruit Rhetta starting to get quick use of the ball out of the middle. A lack of a second marking tall forward was causing rebounds and putting our defence under pressure. Our stronger tackling had got us back in the game. Johno had shut down their goal kicker who was roaming far to get a kick.

At half time coach reinforced we were in this game less than 2 goals behind. Out of the sheds for third quarter we defended strongly and attacked for much of the quarter but were unable to score goals. We had many shots that missed or dropped short and a second strong marking tall was badly needed. Northern took advantage of their marking in defence and then rebounded to score

At three quarter time coach's instruction was attack as the game was there to win - two quick clearances out of the middle resulted in goal of the day from Jude and a Thorny 40 meter goal with a third goal from Rhetta coming off the centre who ran down and kicked it straight. With 10 minutes to go there was 2 kicks in it but we started to tire. They regrouped and late in game kicked two quick goals to finish off the game. Cocky unfortunately came off injured and done for the day. We were down to no bench. It's hard to single out individuals when everyone worked their backsides off but Cam's and Al effort against their big guys was fantastic and helped keep us in the game

The score line shows in the end there was little in the game, if we can get all our recruits out on the track/game there is opportunity for a better second half of the season. We have shown we can run with the top guys even when we have struggled for numbers

Score ND 8G 6P 54 to WW 5G 7P 37

Best: Big Al, Louy, Cam, Nick, Bomber

Goals: Jude 2 Cam 1 Thorny 1 Rhetta 1

Report By Coach Frosty