Supers Over 35s

Supers Round 4 Versus Melbourne on 21 May 2017




Won 7-1-43 to 6-6-42Bruiser, Big Cam, Cuddles, Bazz, LukeBig Cam 3, Machine 2, Kieren, Cocky



Round 4 saw us on the Road vs Melbourne at Albert Park . Game started well for us we settled early and straight away it was clear this was going to be a tough affair with our midfielders and defenders putting their body on the lines and winning the hard ball. Melbourne had the breeze scoring 3 goals to our 2 against the wind - of note number of opposition players visited the bench courtesy of the umpire green card - clearly this was a different game (pressure) to their previous and Warriors were working hard at the ball. Cuddles and Bruiser as they say 'were on' and there first quarter efforts at the ball were some of the fiercest so far this season

After a brief quarter time chat where although behind coach reinforced that we were in this game, we resumed and were kicking with the breeze but did not make the best use of it and fell into the Albert Park forward pocket, we did score a goal but had yet to tickle the points score. Again our tackling, one on one's, focus on the game plan was fantastic and delivering results

Out of the sheds for third quarter we defended against the breeze and our back line Hiiman , Bazza, Porky showed the way taking on mountains and winning out . Our centres AL, Tala, Nick, together with some extra zip off the bench (Louey) held the side together in transition and we scored 2 goals against the wind started to run the ball in numbers. Big Cam was starting to take more overhead marks and switch in Rucks was giving us extra around the ground. Three quarter time score was Melb g6 p5 to Warriors 5g

Last quarter was a tense affair injuries to KB John and Bazza both done for the day and Trav off halfway through who had been giving us some smart play around the ground. We were left with Brad Geelong on the bench ready to go if needed. Melbourne attacked hard and were disallowed goal from a throw, we rebounded and scored quickly to leave us one goal behind, Sammy on and off the bench was giving us some smart drive around the half forward line then a further point (our first ) left us 5 points behind, a mark to Cocky from their kick out who kicked a long goal to put us one point in front and ran the game out to win in an exciting few last minutes.

Many highlights but tackling, one on ones, importantly following our game plan was a credit to everyone in the team and special mention to Sammy who played 3 games Sunday and gave us something extra in last quarter. We showed we can compete in this competition and look forward to our next challenge in Round 5

Best: Bruiser, Cam, Cddles, Baz, Luke

Goals: Cam 3 Machine 2 Cocky 1 Kieran 1

Report By Coach Frosty