Supers Over 35s

Supers Round 11 Versus Northern Districts on 27 August 2017




Lost 5-4-34 to 15-11-101Matty, Luke, Tex, Bazz, Big AlLuke 2, Tex 2, Big Cam



Excitement awaited us at the semi-final playing ladder leader Northern Districts out at Shelley Park Heidelberg, coach viewed it as a strange venue with club rooms match box size and ground for a final? The committee weather gurus failed for the first time this year and an overcast maximum 10 Deg C (we wanted rain) afternoon awaited us with a breeze pushing down to the scoreboard end. Sammy came into side at last minute for a late withdrawal by Bruiser who joined the coaching panel for the day with 6 on the bench

Himan who has turned around his toss winning form in second half to deliver again and chose to kick with the wind. The game kicked off with both sides moving the ball quickly out of the middle. Northern scored first goal with Waverley quickly responding and banging on another again. In the centre there was a dour battle between both side's midfielders and Big Al winning taps in the middle. The footy was moving quickly up and down the ground with both sides testing each other out. Waverley kicked another goal to a couple of pointers from Northern with Tex getting plenty of it in the front half and Tala switching into the middle giving us some clearances straight away. We went into the break 3 goals to 1 goal knowing that they would push hard next quarter with the wind.

Coach made some defensive positional changes at quarter time with instruction to bog play down in their forward line and hold across the centre which worked well. We struggled to get the ball forward and some of our kicking was letting us down however Northern finally got free late in the quarter to bang 3 goals on and we went into the sheds 3 goals to their 4 goals. During the quarter time break coach was ferocious in explaining the requirements for the third quarter with the boys retaking the field in expectation of a strong third quarter

They say the third quarter is premiership quarter, regrettably it was to be Northern kicking against the wind to add five goals to our one with the wind. Northern's fitness started to come to the fore and Warrior boys tried hard but were unable to keep up with them resulting in ball coming into their forward line quickly and their three big forwards taking advantage of the opportunities and converting. Injuries had started to appear at half time losing Nick for the game and Pork taking some time out on the bench

At the last break the coach asked for one last effort i.e. a couple of quick goals to bring the result closer however Northern continued on their way utilising the wind advantage and kicking a further 4 goals and many points. Again our boys tried hard and a mark in the goal square by Cam to kick our 5th for the day - Northern showed us why they are the top of the ladder side

Good effort from everyone around the club this year we played finals when many expected we would not, we have shown we have the skills to run with most sides but we just have to improve on our fitness. To all the volunteers who helped out and the players that filled in and of course our supporters - - the team appreciates your contribution and support

Next game is Presentation Night

Goal Kickers: Luke 2 Tex 2 Cam 1

Best Players: Matt, Luke, Tex, Baz, Al

Report By Coach Frosty