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Waverley Warriors Super Rules Club Coaching Applications

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Positions Available:

  • Over 35s - Supers Coach
  • Over 50s - Veterans Coach

Waverley Warriors is a Super Rules club in the AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan League and based at Waverley Football Ground on the corner of Springvale and Waverley Road, Waverley. The club has a great culture which promotes a balance of a desire to win with a fair go for all participants. We are seeking a positive energetic coach that enjoys the challenge of bringing out the best in players.

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Develop club's football & coaching strategy
  • Match Day coaching - 11 home and away games
  • Team selection
  • Home and Away season training program (Wednesday nights and pre-season)
  • Relationship management
  • Foster an environment that values fitness, training and enjoyment for of all players
  • Promote the club and its brand

Responsible to: The committee of Waverley Warriors Super Rules Football Club Incorporated

Key Selection Criteria:
Previous experience as a coach will be highly regarded. We are looking for the right 'fit' for our club. Any coach taking on this role needs to be willing to provide fair game time for all players. Our club currently consists of one 35's & one 50's team. Both teams have players of varied ability. The club is currently in a re- building phase and is growing rapidly and we aim to have an additional over 35's team by 2017. Once we have numbers for a second over 35's team we would then adopt a more traditional competitive approach to team selection.


Questions and enquiries are welcome; Please contact: Mitch 0400 563 649 or Scott 0400 718 897

Over 35s Best & Fairest Results

Click here for 35s B&F Results Round By Round



Player Name



Alex Vasitch (Seal)



Craig McKinnon (Disco)



Justin Dymott (Juzzy)



Matthew Clarke



Miles De Blasio



Allan Ganderton (Big Al)



Matthew Devenish (Devo)



Kieran Bradley (Kizza)



Cameron Marshall



John Damanakis



Martin Contessotto

Over 50s Best & Fairest Results

Click here for 50s B&F Results Round By Round



Player Name



Sammy Magro



Robby Gill



Neil Horvath (The Rev)



Mark Strange



Eddie Ralph



Damien Cairns (Damo)



Gary Rule (Gazza)



Tony Thorne



Vinnie Sercia



Colin Trevaskis (CT)

We were looking for a good performance from both teams for the last game of the season. Players had come out of the woodwork this week and we had plenty to choosef rom in both 35s and 50s.

Although it was now mathematically impossible for the 35s to make the finals, we were keen to prevent 5th team Bayside from making the 4. The 1st quarter was very even and we had showed we had come out to play. Bayside edged ahead in the 2nd quarter due to some late goals but we were still playing some great passages of play. Unfortunately after the half time break it looked like the season had taken its toll. We were getting smashed in the middle and just couldn't stop the outside run from Bayside. Disappointingly we were blown out of the water in the second half and ended up posting our worst loss of the season with them kicking 11 goals to 1.

Whilst not the best way to finish the season, we are very buoyant about the year, in particular the new players we have managed to pick up (even 2 new players for the last game). We can build on our presence in the Waverley area next year and have an even more successful year.

The 50s travelled over to arch rivals Carrum. Reports are that it was a very competitive match and although down and out by the last quarter we showed our real fighting spirit to outscore them and finish off with a strong end to the season. Well done to the Over 50s. As with the 35s we have built a great nucleus and hope to improve even further next year.

The all-important presentation night is coming up on the 12th September. Make sure you come along and don't forget to book your tickets.

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

Due to the silly quirks of our draw this was the first time the 35s and 50s played at the same ground since May. On a mildly windy day we were hoping we could come home with two wins

The equation was simple. We needed to win against 2nd placed Mordialloc to still be a finals chance and if not, hope that Parkdale loses to top placed Mornington and Bayside loses to 3rd placed Carrum. But the worst result prevailed with both of them winning and us losing. It wasn't due to lack of endeavour though

The game was a tussle. Earlier in the season we were soundly beaten by Mordialloc due to their outside run. But this time we able to thwart it with our determined pressure and tackling. They knew we were there which caused them to fumble a lot. Scores were nearly level at half time and the game was up for grabs. Unfortunately just before half time we lost Matty D with a broken rib. He was tasked to close down their dangerous #15 and was not only doing this but winning the ball as well. He was a big loss. We'd let them kick 4 goals in the 3rd to sneak right away not due to lack of effort though. It was going to be a momumental task to win from here

The first 10 or 12 minutes of the last was probably the best sustained pressured effort we've been able to produce all season. Against the wind we managed to kick 3 quick goals to get within a goal or so. Unfortunately we weren't able to sustain the pressure but this game epitomised our season, fight, fight, fight to the end. Very proud of the efforts of every player.

The 50s came out of the blocks slowly and the Frankston opponents had 2 on the board before you could say boo. This unfortunately would prove costly at the end of a low scoring game. We failed to take full advantage of the wind in the second kicking only 1 and giving them a 9 point break at half time. A full on spray from coach Pants that could be heard in the next suburb had the team up and about in the third and we produced a great quarter against the wind to be almost even at 3 quarter time. The first half of the last was a tough tussle within no-one willing to give an inch before Frankston broke the shackles and managed to close the game out by the couple of goals we gave up early in the first. We fought hard but just couldn't quite get over the line

Marko had to go to hospital with heart problems during the game. It's an important reminder that we play for fun and our health is much more important than then many small things we tend to complain about in life (and on the footy field)

Only one game to go now, let's get ourselves two wins on behalf of Marko and everyone who has suffered injuries this year for the sake of the team

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

After a strong win against Parkdale last time around the 35s were confident we coud again show our superiority. The rain looked to be holding off but as soon as we came out the rain came down. Fortunately it was short-lived and the sun came back out. It was still cold though and a strong stiff breeze blew across the ground.

Parkdale were first with the wind, the cross wind made it difficult to score and we managed to hold them to 1 goal in the first quarter. We made good use of the wind in the second and went into the half time break 5 points up after kicking a couple of goals. Unfortunately by this stage Cam was finished for the day and Big All was struggling on a wonky knee. Our two tallest players required us to restructure.

We came out in the 3rd less invigorated than our opposition and they made the most of the wind to hold onto a goal lead going ion the last. They had controlled the 3rd quarter but with the wind in the last we were relatively confident we could come over the top. Unfortunately we played into their hands and couldn't get any flow going. They built a wall and we kept kicking to it. It was another one of those games that could have gone either way but we just couldn't get over the line. It makes our next game against Mordialloc again very important. A win is a must to keep our finals chances alive.

50s played inspirational footy. This time last year Diamond Valley were far superior and it shows just how far we've come as a team. In the end we went down by 16 point against a very polished opposition. We can only get stronger next year as we build an identity in the Waverley area.

Let's keep supporting our club, get to training, attend functions and get around your mates on and off the field. Next game its one of the rare times this year that 35s and 50s play together at the same ground.

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

On a freezing rainy day, close to the worst that Melbourne can bring, the 35s played a must-win at Narre Warren against Peninsula. Unfortunately the cold weather kept a few away and we only had 16 players but thankfully were helped by Narre Warren players to have a full team at the first bounce.

After a slow start (getting the muscles warm) we started to show our ascendancy but couldn't put a goal on the scoreboard and went into the first quarter just down. In the second our hard work started paying off and the goals started flowing and we were comfortably in front at half time. The cavalry arrived with support from Sammy and Thorney trekking the journey from their 50s game at Essendon. With the ball heavy and many ball ups and the cold rain, the effort was starting to take its toll. The weather was making scoring difficult but as per the typical way we have played all year, we dug deep, did the 1%ers, and pushed hard to take the game by the scruff and win easily. Other than two late goals by Peninsula we dominated the game. To top it off for the first time this year we found that we were in the Top 4.

It's now our destiny to control as we play 5th and 6th in the last 3 games and wins against both will virtually guarantee us a finals berth. The excitement builds further.

The Over 50s were confident they could put on a good showing after downing their opponents Essendon comfortably just over a month earlier. But things are never straight forward in footy and Essendon at home turned the tables in a convincing way to turn out winners. It's hard to explain the turn of fortunes from week to week but hopefully we can back up for a win next game to make it two wins for both our 35s and 50s.

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

35s headed to Mordialloc on a relatively mild winter's day. A win against the well-performed 3rd side was imperative for us to cement a spot in the Top 4. Fortunately we had a full complement this week with 4 on the bench to give it a red hot go.

Mordialloc gave us the jump early and had two goals on the board before we started to fire. To our credit we fought hard and managed to claw back with our best 1st quarter return of the year to have four goals on the board and a slender lead. Things were looking promising. Unfortunately the good form did not flow through to the 2nd quarter and we could not manage to add to our goal tally whilst the opposition managed three to take a 2 goal lead into half time. We were still well and truly in the game but had to pick up our game in the nd half

Unfortunately, a very well-oiled Mordialloc showed us a clean pair of heels in the 2nd half and we just couldn't pressure them enough to create enough scoring chances. It was one of the harder oppositions this year and they were just too good for us in the end. We play them again in Round 10 so hopefully we can turn the tables on them. We're still only percentage out of the 4 so every game is important in the last four

50s wanted to prove that their last game against Plenty Valley wasn't a fluke but it was going to be tougher playing at their ground and we'd have to be on our game. As it turns out it couldn't have been much closer. This was no doubt partly due to not taking our opportunities as the 4 goals 13 points behind suggests but what better way to win than a match winning goal from behind with only a couple of minutes to go. Well done team, thoroughly deserved and great to chalk up the third win for the season. Next game is against Essendon, another team we have already beaten this season.

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

35s and 50s couldn't be much further apart this week with the 35s at home at Narre Warren and 50s away at Williamstown. Playing at the same time there would be no opportunity to pad teams with players graciously putting up their hand to play 2 games as in the past so it was important that everyone turned up. Unfortunately both teams only managed the bare 18 players and that told in the end.

Melbourne presented a wonderfully dry, sunny and relatively warm winter's day for the games. The 35s was a battle of 3rd against 5th. A win for us would catapult us into the 4 and above Carrum. We started unusually sluggish and continually turned over the ball early gifting our opposition with a goal and a couple of scoring opportunities. It took around 10 minutes for us to find our groove and from that point on we dominated the first quarter but failed to take advantage of our opportunities to finish in the lead but with 1 goal 5 behinds. We absolutely dominated the 2nd quarter, backline, midfield and forwards playing some of the best footy we've seen this season to allow Carrum only 1 pont for the quarter whilst kicking 2 goals 3 behinds ourselves. Once again we failed to take all our opportunities though and only led by 18 points. At half time we could hear the opposition coach going crazy through the thick cement walls so we knew they were going to come out firing. Add to that we were now down to basically 17 players with Brad Geelong hobbling in the 10 metre full forward arc with a torn calf, it was no comfort that the opposition still had 5 on the bench. We were going to have to show some mettle.

And that they did. Boosted now in the midfield by a cameo appearance by ex-AFL listed Melbourne player Travis Johnstone, in the blink of an eye they kicked 2 quick goals and right back in the game. 3rd quarter has been our nemesis this year but to our credit we fought hard and fired home the next 2 goals but continued missing chances to put on 3 goals 5 points and outscoring Carrum by 2 points. The last quarter was going to be a battle to the death. We still had run but lacked the bench. They kicked a couple of quick goals and the quarter seemed to go on for eternity. That ex AFL player was running amok, Carrum kept peppering the goals but with only 2 minutes to go, we were holding on by a mere point. Our one field umpire for the match had done a sterling job but gave them a deserved free kick 35 metres out on a tough angle but against the grain, gifted them the match with a 25 metre penalty to put them directly in front of goal 10 metres out. We managed one more attack from the centre bounce but alas there was no more time and a 4 goal lead had turned into a devastating last quarter loss.

I have to say I am so proud of our players. We played some scintillating quick-moving footy, we won 3 quarters convincingly by working hard for each other, 3 of those quarters with in-effect 17 players, but bottom line is we lost the match. Our kicking for goal like most matches this season let us down badly and we don't have enough players on game day. Two simple things that can easily be fixed. Heads up for the next game against Mordialloc (who are now 2nd on the ladder). We know we can compete against the best teams

I can't say much about the 50s as we were so far away but by all reports it was another game where many players pulled out leaving us with the bare minimum of players to compete with. After a close first half we were well beaten in the 2nd but not without our usual Warrior fight. As we know by now, Kosta, in his first game for the Warriors broke his ankle. A truly unlucky event only 2 minutes from the end of the game. Remember too get around Kosta in his time of need

Now half way through the season I know we can build into something really positive for the remaining 5 games. You can see on game day the ones who turn up for training, the ones who do an extra run or bike ride, the ones who can push through to the end. Respect for your own fitness, respect for the Warriors and your team mates, let's see eveyone who can make it at training on Wednesday at 6.30pm. If you're injured turn up anyway, do some slow laps, get a masage, come to matches and help out. Let's build on what we've setup to this stage of the season. We are a real chance for finals success for the first time in a long time but success is only achieved when everyone chips in whichever way they can

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

What a magnificent day at our home ground two chalk up two very convincing wins for the Waverley 35s and 50s.

The 35s were welcomed by an on and off drizzle that made conditions quite slippery. We knew we would have to do the hard things that count in this sort of weather and we were confident that we could continue the mould that has made us very competitive in every game this year. After an even start we managed to kick ahead with 2 goals by quarter time against a fairly stiff breeze. The second quarter has proved our nemesis this year and we were keen to perform well and not let the opposition back in. That we did and another two goals to zero left our Parkdale competitors goalless at half time. The game was there to be lost if we didn't keep our concentration and all players stood up admirably to put the game beyond doubt in the premiership quarter. By the time the final siren went we had kept our opposition goal-less but with a mark and then kick after the siren they notched their one and only goal. A real team effort just like it has been all year. This match was by far our most consistent four quarter performance and with us knocking on the door of the top 4, next week's game against 3rd placed Carrum is shaping up to be a huge one.

What is there to play for if not for one of the stalwarts of the club playing their 100th game. And as if he wrote the script himself, Fitzy in the 50s game against Essendon helped himself to a couple of early goals playing in the forward line. We played an exciting brand of footy and moved it around very well giving Essendon very little opportunities to score. Some great individual performances but again just like the 35s it was the teamwork and everyone standing up that really stood out. The game was won by 3/4 time, the opposition hadn't scored and we had 6 on the board but little were we to know what the 50s had in store for us. A 6 goal demolition in the last quarter gave us a very healthy percentage boost leaving the 50s at the door of the top 4 as well. A tough game to be had next match against a very well performed Williamstown but if we duplicate the last game in skill, desire and intensity there is no reason why we can't have another good win on the board and a real tilt at the top 4

We're building something here, surely our success thus far on the field is making us more eager to share the excitement at training this Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Let's see as many as possible at training so we can hone those skills and get the fitness up to run out whole games

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

Mixed results this week saw a close win for 35s reserves but 50s beaten by a very strong Beaconsfield outfit

Starting out of the blocks quickly didn't work last time so this time around we watched our opposition show us a clean pair of heels early and grow a nice early lead, however in true Waverley Warrior spirit we pressured and harrassed and slowly worked our way back into the game. Looking down the barrel, 16 points down in the last after a quick final term goal by Peninsula, and with only 17 players after serious injuries to Dasha and Jeremy, and at their home ground, we showed unbelievable will to come back and win by a point. What a great win. A proud moment to walk off with my team mates and sing that great song. Play of the day? Had to be goal of the year to Big Al, a snap over his head from 50 metres sailed through the goals. Next game is a big test against Parkdale also sitting on 2 and 2.

Wasn't there but feeling quilty for pointing everyone to the wrong ground (thanks Fox Sports), I was hoping the 50s woudn't be too distracted by the less than ideal pre game preparation. Obviously it did as Beaconsfied outscored us 5 goals to zip in the first half. But how encouraging to see us fight back to keep level pegging with arguably the best team in the comp. Here's to that Warrior fighting spirit. Next game is an important test against Essendon who also go into it 1 win and 3 losses. Big chance to chalk up another win.

Let's see as many as possible at training so we can hone those skills and get the fitness up to run out whole games

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

A bit of a trend is starting to emerge with both 35s Reserves and 50s. We're lightning starters but failing to show consistent 4 quarters which is hurting us. We can't fault our endeavour and have certainly been competitive and look forward to our next game in a couple of weeks.

For the second week in a row 35s reserves kicked 3 quick goals in the quarter. We have shown that when we have our linking play going we are very hard to beat. Next game is against Peninsula Raiders who are also 1 and 2 so it's a very important game to win. PS Congrats to Kieran for a SUPER GOAL, that's the first I can remember in my time!

Over 50s looked like Hawthorn in the first half, a dominant display but it didn't quite show on the scoreboard. Unfortunately we were run over in the 2nd half. If we can make the most of our chances we should be very competitive next against an unbeaten Beaconsfield.

Let's see as many as possible at training so we can hone those skills and get the fitness up to run out whole games

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends Photos Soon

Good wins in tight battles for Supers Reserves and Legends 50s but Supers Narre Warren were outclassed not helped by being short of players and 4 50yo players having to double up

The reserves 35s came out firing against Dingley and showed some of the best football for the season with 3 goals to zip in the first. Little were we to know they would be our last goals for the match, however, even though our scoring dried up, we were definitely the best team overall and just didn't make the most of our opportunities. Any time you can keep the opposition down to just 5 scoring shots for the match, you know your team has done a great job.

The 50s had a ding dong battle with Plenty Valley and slowly but surely inched our way ahead leaving the opposition far too much to try and do in the last quarter. Again some great passages of play was seen and we definitely have a side to build on to make 2015 a successful year.

We now have to backup for a game next week (no week rest) so its important to keep those muscles exercised ready for what should be competitive games again next Sunday

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends

click here for the pdf of events

Some great events have been organised by our fabulous double T socialites, Tony and Tanya. There's a lot of hard work involved and the money raised is important to running our club so please support the functions as much as possible. Most of all enjoy yourselves, it's a family club. So what do we have in store for you in 2015. Here's a summary of events:

23rd May: Hookers & Vicars Night

Mother Theresa, Bishop George Pell, Mohammad. All great inspirations for a good night in!! Or let your mind wander a bit and break out your wildest fantasy and let everyone know at our mid-season fancy dress. $30 entry gets you a night of hot music action, finger food, drinks at footy club prices and great prizes for best and worst dressed

18 July: Bogan Bingo

Dust off the moccasins, pull on the flannel and stovepipe jeans and get ready for a night of westies bogan hilarity..a fully professional performance from actor bogan types. Just $35 including the bogan's favourite pub snack at our own club rooms.

14th August: Quiz Night

How smart are we? Well let me tell you. Our grand plan is to have the quiz night right after the ladies day out. They arrive half cut and we all look smarter, brilliant!! You're so smart well I am not even going to tell you the date, you work it out. Time is 7pm at Venue TBA. Lock the date in now and start swatting up.

15th August: Ladies Winery & Spa Day

Strictly for the wives and partners of Waverley Warrior's players and officials. Finally a chance for the ladies to have a day of fun and a good moan about us players. Bus trip to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs for a deep soak and then off to visit a fer wineries with lunch. $100 includes bus,hot springs entry, winery tasting and lunch. Great Mother's Day gift idea.

12th September: Presentation Night

It must be time for Presentation Night and the annual anticipation of winning that cheap trophy and the accolades of your peers. This year we are going upmarket to The Cabaret Room at The Village Green. A chance for the guys to maybe find a tie and ladies to glam up. Book the baby sitter now for Saturday 12 September from 7pm to midnight. $55.00 for players and $50.00 for partners which includes a three-course dinner, music, vote count and presentations.

Your partner just loves watching you play footy, right? Wrong. Reality check, if she comes it is either real love or a sense of duty. Probably the second. Solution? Yep, we are having a day where partners can 'support you' by sitting behind glass drinking champagne whilst the kids are entertained and you run around in the mud. Don't be disappointed if she misses you slotting the goal from 50 metres out on the boundary. Be happy she is there, enjoying herself and you get to play footy. Stay tuned for date and price

Please contact Tanya ( or Tony ( if you have any queries. More details will be supplied closer to the events

It was a trio of losses for Round 1 against a pretty strong Cranbourne club

The 35 reserves scored only one goal but the match was a lot more contested than the end score line suggests. The defensive side of our game was fantastic, it was just the extra polish that was missing. The new players performed well and had a taste and undoubtedly we will all be better for the first hitout.

The 50s battled a close game throughout against Coburg and this game just showed how much stronger the 50s competition has become this year. It was a well fought effort and showed we will be strong this year

Match Reports: 35s Reserves 50s Legends


For a bit of fun we are having a Nickname competition. As you know Footy Clubs live by player nicknames, we have a few at Waverley Warriors including names like Rowdy, Disco, Bear, Seal, Dasha, Dermie.

If you can think a good nickname for a current no-nicked player and a valid reason, here is your chance to enter and enter the draw to win a six pack if it is chosen as the most popular choice.

Entries close at completion of training on 8th April. Nickname ideas will then be announced and all at training have their chance to vote for best nickname.

So email us with the following at Waverley Warriors Email

Nickname Idea, For Player, Reason, Your Name

Player registration fees are now due. Remember these are very important to make our club viable. There are many costs involved in running the club so your prompt payment is greatly appreciated.


Player registration fee this year is $220. Please pay as soon as possible (early money helps us to prepare for the season ahead). This year there is a strict policy, if you do not pay you do not play. Anyone envisaging financial difficulties, please contact Pinga or Seal in the strictest confidence.

Please pay directly to Seal and ensure you receive a receipt. Your receipt is proof of payment

Please pay via your online bank system, EFT details are:

Account Name: Waverley Warriors Football Club
BSB: 013220
Acct Nbr: 293956419

Ensure you put your surname & initials in the description section so we know who it is that has made payment. Also send a confirmation email to notifying us of your payment and method.
Thank you!

Congratulations to our new announced coaches for season 2015. Craig 'Disco' McKinnon is coaching the Super 35s again after a competitive effort in 2014. Rob 'Motty' Mott is taking up the reigns for the Masters 45s and has shown some previous promise as coach of our summer AFL 9s comp so we are looking for big things from him. Peter 'Pants' Nash once again directs the Legends 50s after some fine performances by the 50s in their inaugural year in 2014.

All these fine gentlemen have put a lot of effort into the club over the years so please get fully behind them and support their endeavours in the upcoming year. We look forward to a fruitful 2015.