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Three big home games on a slippery, wet, rainy day and we knew it was going to require guts and determination to nut out wins today.  As it is we managed to get 2/3rds of the way there.

The Over 50s continued on with the improved form each week to nut out a comfortable win against Carrum, one which could have been much more if we had kicked a little straighter.  Nevertheless now with 2 wins in the last 3 games, let's hope that we improve again next game to knock off our nemesis, WIlliamstown.

The Over 45s looked a bit ominous at the start when Scotch/Sth Yarra kicked a goal within 20 seconds of the first bounce.  However from that point on we looked the better team and handled the conditions better throughout to score our 3rd win and greatest winning margin for the season and 2nd win in a row.  Sitting pretty in 3rd spot on the ladder, the next 2 games, both against 5th place Brunwick, are critical.

Supers were out to avenge a 4 goal loss against Scotch/Sth Yarra, this time with our home ground advantage.  And the signs looked promising early with us kicking the first two goals and having some other great opportunities.  Unfortunately the opposition kicked the next 6 goals to lead by that familiar 4 goals at half time, a lead that we were never able to bridge.  And 4 goals was the final margin.  Once again it was a 20 minute lapse of concentration that turned out to be our downfall.  A little disappointing but there are great signs showing our desire never to give up and fight hard to the end.  We can walk off the ground with our heads held up high.

Next games all teams travel around in different directions again.  All have a great opportunity to win and let's see if we can keep up the good form we have displayed over the last few weeks.

Remember to support our club and be there at the raffle event on Saturday 5th July starting at 7pm.

It was a day to pack the lunch boxes for long treks over to the western part of Melbourne for the two games; Over 35s at Hillside and Over 50s at Williamstown.  Over 45s had a bye.

The Over 50s showed a much improved performance against Wiliamstown compared to our Round 1 encounter.  We had the narrowest lead at quarter time and If it wasn't for the fact we only had 16 players against 18 for most of the 2nd half we might have been much closer at half time but trailed by 3 goals at the main break.  The 3rd quarter was very inspiring, maybe one of our best for the year and we kept Williamstown goalless and clawed back to be within just  8 points at 3 quarter time and the smell of another win in our sights.  Unfortunately in the last we couldn't maintain the pressure and they ran out clear winners in the end.  However, the result was very encouraging for us as we keep improving every match and become more and more competitive and it is showing against the better teams in the competition.  Keep up the good work!

For the Over 35s, many had not even heard of Hillside before this game.  Luckily our Navmans did and managed to guide us to our destination where we found a wind-swept footy oval at the top of a hill - very aptly named suburb.  It was an overcast and dry day however the overnight rain made for a relatively slippy ground in places.

Hillside had showed relatively limited success this year so we went into the game cautiously optimistic.  We started very well with a couple of missed opportunities and scored the first goal but they clawed their way back to be just ahead at quarter time.  From there however it was all downhill as Hillside pressed their dominance with good run and carry and a strong desire for the ball and outlplayed us convincingly.  They kicked 14 goals to just 2 in the remaining 3 quarters to run out clear winners.

Once again, the most disappointing thing, in an away game, is the inability for us to fill a full team of Over 35s.  Our average age for the game was almost 44 years old and we had 7 players who also played in the Over 50s.  We greatly appreciate the effort by these boys who risk injury by having to play 2 games but we simply need to have our younger players playing every game possible, not picking and choosing which games they want to play.  This is our challenge as a club, to introduce younger players and build a culture of wanting to play for the club and for our team mates.

Next game we have 3 home games.  Let's makes sure as many as possible are available and let's try and make it 3 big wins.


And what a difference a week makes as they say.  Whilst Super 35s had a bye it allowed us for a change to have players in their right age groups and didn't it show?  It was great to be playing at home again and on a drizzly and slippery day we knew it was going to take the hard things, the 1%ers to get over the line.

The day started with the Over 50s and we produced a strong side to battle Carrum, a side that convincingly beat us last time we played a month ago .  Early on we looked a little shaky as Carrum started well but by midway through the 2nd quarter our dominance was clearly showing and we ended up with a convincing win.  Just a great all round team effort and a throughly enjoyable win.

Buoyed by the 50s win but tempered by the knowledge that we had lost to Peninsula just the last round at their ground we were determined to pressure them from the start and make them know that they would be in for a tough game.  And that we did.  It was always going to be a low scoring game in the wet and it was important to make the most of our chances.  Unfortunately we were inaccurate in the first kicking 1 goal 5 behinds but were confident that we'd limited them to just 2 scoring shots.  We consolidated in the 2nd and by 3 quarter time we had a very handy lead and the opposition had yet to register a goal.  Peninsula saved a little bit of face in the last kicking 2 goals whilst keeping us goalless but the damage had already been done.  We had worked very hard to get ourselves into a winning position.  Great work and another fantastic team effort.

This week's games showed that we can be a strong club if we can just attract a few more younger players.  We have a great nucleus to work with and we can be proud that for the first time in a while, not have we only been able to chalk up two wins in the one round but also score multiple wins in a season.  Other clubs would envy the comraderie we have at our club.  Let's build from here and make the season a succesful one.


Senior Over 45s and Legends Over 50s packed a lunch and headed over to Mornington for their games.  The Over 50s were very competitive and were actually leading quite well at 3 quarter time but were run over the top in the last quarter to lose by just a few points.  The Over 45s had a competitive hitout but couldn't get over the line and ended up 20 point losers.

Having participated in the Over 35s game against De La Salle at Malvern East, the result was a great disappointment. We knew we were up for a battle against a side who has let just 46 points through in the first 3 games and a perecentage creeping up to 900%. Unfortunately it became quite clear early on that their well drilled team were simply to tall, too strong and too fast for us on the day.  We did fight as valiantly as we could but clearly we were going to be another percentage booster against a team that really probably should be playing Division 1.

Super 35s next game is cancelled due to Hallam pulling out but the Over 45s play at home and 50s away so we'd like to see as many players as possible from the 35s on the day supporting our fellow teams where we hope to be able to register 2 wins.


5 May

A trek away down to Camberwell saw us thrown one of those days winter Melbourne days are known for, promising breaks of sunshine interspersed with scattered periods of rain and a constant chilly breeze.  Unfortunately it's not even winter yet but nothing the gods could throw at us would douse our enthusiasm after some strong performances by both teams in the preceeding week.

The Super Over 35s were out to make it two in a row, and the first quarter showed it.  We came out firing and piled on 4 goals to 1 to hold a comfortable quarter lead against Old Scotch/Sth Yarra who have impressively won their first two games.  After then kicking the 1st goal in the 2nd quarter it all turned a bit downhill from there as the heavier rain took its toll.  In the end we continued to fight hard but they were just a little bit too good in the end as we tired.  Again we had a number of Over 45s having to double up to play Over 35s.  Hopefully we can build up our teams so that this doesn't have to be the case and we can remain competitive for whole games.  But a great effort nevertheless.  Check out the match report (coming soon).

Like the Over 35s, the Over 45s started really well which was a welcome change from the first 2 games and a focus for the boys to start well.  We went into the first break with a slender lead but felt we could have been much further ahead.  Early in the second, Old Scotch clawed their way back and started getting on top in general play.  From there it was catchup football and unfortunately we could only manage 1 goal 6 behinds after the first break.  Once again, at times we looked irresistable with some great flows of play but we're yet to put 4 quarters of footy together.  Watch out when we do, maybe our next game against Peninsula wil be the one.  Everyone tried hard regardless and we hope everyone enjoyed their game.  Check out the match report.

On LADIES day, the men were out to impress on the footy field.  And impressed we did.  Unfortunately there were not enough players for the Legends Over 50s game to go ahead, so the first taste of impressionism came when the Senior Over 45s fronted up for the 12:45pm game.  As in the first game, we came out very slowly and the opposition had a few goals on the board before we managed to blink.  But to the boys credit, we fought very hard to get back into the game and make it a competitive match.  In the end we had our opportunities to win the game but failed to take them when it counted and Bayside were able to capitalise and end up winning by a slender 7 points.  The match reports and photos will be available on the website soon.

The Super Over 35s came out with that Anzac fighting spirit.  We had quite a different looking team to previous week picking up a couple of 'gun' Glen Waverley Hawk players and a beanstalk ruckman to bolster the side.  A bench of 5 players was a very unusual sight.  We came out guns a blazing and saw some great passages of play that saw us well ahead at quarter time.  We never looked back and some passages of play throughout the afternoon were a sight to see.  However the most pleasing aspect was the work ethic of every player on the field.  We always had more numbers at the ball, supporting each other, shepherding and tackling, the one percenters that make all the difference.  In the end we ran out winners by 53 points, and some great confidence to lead into the next game against a very strong Scotch/Sth Yarra outfit.  Again please stay tuned for the match report and select photos.

All in all a very enjoyable day for players, partners and children.  Remember we have to front up again next week - no extra week break this match - so please be there to loosen up those muscles at training - on THURSDAY this week - as we will meet the Glen Waverley Hawks Senior teams.  If you can't make the game next week please notify the coaches as soon as possible.

Most of us approached the first game of the season with a great deal of trepidation and nervous excitement after a long hard summer of training.  A core group trekked to Williamstown to find that the other partner clubs teams that were to provide their own players in the composite team didn't turn up.  Luckily Williamstown had an excess of players and the game was able to go ahead.  Unfortunately Williamstown were too good and ran out easy winners but the boys enjoyed getting out there and running around.  Checkout the match report via the Matches section.

Pretty much all of those that went to Williamstown then rushed their way over to Craigieburn to play in the Senior Over 45s.  After a rusty start we eventually stepped into stride and the match was a tightly fought battle all the way through.  At the siren we were in front by one point signifying a gutsy win.  Well done by the boys, we certainly lived up to our pre-game form and look forward to hopefully making it two in a row in a fortnight's time.  Again checkout the match report and photos of the game.

Unfortunately as was the case last year, the Super 35s struggled to bandaid together a full team.  Thankfully Kerbs and Scottie came out of retirement and along with some double-gamers from the Senior 45s we were able to present a side.  Although we fought on well early, in the absense of Luke in the backline, their tall-pronged forward line were able to take advantage of their height and kept the backline under alot of pressure.  All in all considering, it was still a great effort out there and there was some great passages of play that showed we are capable of playing good footy.  We look forward to hopefully having a few more players for our first home game against Chirnside Park.

All in all we hope everyone enjoyed the day, particularly the newbies to the club.  We look forward to a competitive season ahead.

It was very late notice but the league were keen to introduce a 4th team into the Over 50s competition. This is great news for us as we have many Over 45s, and the Over 50s will be able to act as an overflow for those Over 50 who might prefer to try thier luck there or help out by playing a couple of quarters.

Most will know Peter 'Pants' Nash, our Over 35s coach of a couple of seasons ago. It's great to have Pants back and he will be an asset for the Over 50s team.

The Over 50s team will consist of players from a couple of different clubs. If you are keen to play in the Over 50s rather than the Over 45, please notify the coaches of those teams, Dermie and Pants. The Over 50s fixture will be available on our website in the next few days.

IMPORTANT:As we need to finalise teams for the 13th April please advise the coaches of your availability to play. If you are aware of weeks you will not be able to play please advise the coaches as soon as possible. Please remember that registration forms and fees are now due

Click here for some great photo snaps of today's game

A venue change meant the game being played at the Capital Reserve. The day started a little cloudy but cleared to present us with a warm sunny spring's day. There was a good turn out with the Over 35s and Over 45s being able to field respectable teams to battle with each other.

The 45s showed early in the match that experience is more important than age by showing out the 35s with good skills and linking play to accumulate goals before the 35s even had a sniff. As the game wore on, and the cobwebs disappeared both sides demonstrated good use of the ball and carry and run. All in all it was a needed run for all, as we know, there is a distinct difference between normal fitness and match fitness and there is no replacement for playing a solid match. Hopefully everyone benefited from the hitout and now we concentrate on fine tuning our training for the first match against Craigieburn in 2 weeks time.

Please remember that registration fees are now due and don't forget to fill out registration forms if you haven't already done so.

We have an intraclub practise match designated as a curtain-raiser for the Glen Waverley Hawks games on the 29th March at 10:30am. Please be there by 9.45am if you can, no later than 10am, so that we can organise teams. The match is to be played at our home ground.

Please notify Dermie or Disco whether you can make it our not. Please try to be there as it will be our only hit out before the first game and helps the newbies and oldies to get to know each others' games better.

Please download, print, fill out and give your registration forms to a committee member. There are two parts to registration this year, the first page is for our club information, the rest is a requirement of the football league and must be filled out and signed on multiple pages. No form, no play. We also need to sight identification of your age as the league is cracking down on this, so please have your driver's license or other identifiaction handy.

Click here to download the forms. Alternatively forms will be available at training.

As always we are grateful for sponsorship from local community businesses. The Glen Waverley Hawks have put together a great package and we hope you are able to come on board with them and us, the Waverley Warriors in 2014.

There are two packages available; the $100 package includes A3 club room signage, references and links to the websites (see sponsors on this page for example), acknowledgement of sponsorship at events. The $500 package includes all this plus fence signage at the ground, references in newsletters and a complementary social membership. Please click here for a pdf with all the details. We hope you can lend your support.

The latest 2014 fixture has been released which includes the entry of Hallam into the competition. This means that the Supers 35s no longer have any byes and play 11 games for the year. Seniors 45s play 10 games with a bye in the middle of the season. We are fortunate to have 7 of the games at the same venue for both teams so hopefully we can provide both teams with lots of support from the boundary line over the season.

We do not yet have times and venues finalised. These will be updated once we receive the finalised draws. 13th April is the day to aim for when we play our first game, the countdown is on. We also tentaively have plans for an intra club practise match on Saturday 29th March so try to keep this date free.

Click links for the Super 35s draw and the Senior 45s draw as it currently stands.

As you will know, there are a lot of costs involved in supporting two football teams, from competition fees, to ground fees, lights, footballs, umpires, trainers and the list goes on. It is therefore very important that you pay your bit to support the club.

This year the mandatory membership fee is $200. But we have a twist this year that gives you the option of paying ZERO for your registration for 2014. All you have to do is sell 40 x $5 raffle tickets. First prize is a Coles Myer Voucher valued at a cool $1,000. If you only sell 20 tickets then you only have to pay the balance ($100) for your registration. The choice is YOURS! If you haven't received your raffle tickets yet, please see Fitzy or one of the other committee members at training.

Remember you MUST also fill out a REGISTRATION form and return it to Fitzy. It is a competition requirement. Click here to download the form, print it, and fill it out or pick one up at training.

It's great to such great turnouts so early in the year. We are regularly seeing 30 players+ which makes it much easier to perform purposeful drills. It's great to see many of the old faces back from last year, and also a number of new faces. It's particularly pleasing to see new players from around the Waverley area..

The training has so far been very enjoyable and the players are particularly pleased that we are able to add a bit of match simulationby playing AFL 9s type non-contact footy sessions.

Please make sure you tell your friends about the Waverley Warriors and get them down to training to get a feel of that leather ball Our first game is only a few weeks away so it's time to get a bit of pre-season fitness happening and start honing those untapped skills.

Our coaches for 2014 announced 

01 Feb

Congratulations to our new announced coaches for season 2014.

Craig 'Disco' McKinnon is coaching the Super 35s after coaching the Masters (2nds team) to a competitive season in 2013. Andrew 'Dermie' Smith has coached a few times in the past, but having hung up the boots at the ripe old age of '21 again' is keen to remain involved and therefore will coach the Senior 45s in 2014. Both Disco and Dermie are stalwarts of the Waverley Warriors football club and have put alot of their own effort and time into the club in the past so pleae give them your full support for 2014. We look forward to a very enjoyable season ahead.