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Well here it is, yesterday was Round 1 today is the final round. It's been a tough old year and this was our first chance for the 35s to get a win for the season against our building rivalry against Melbourne. A triple header today let's flip it around and start with the 35s ones as this goes down in the history books as a game to remember.

The day started much more upbeat that usual for the 35s Ones. The reserves were taking it up to Melbourne, we had a great team in and players were turning up early. Frosty passed on a message from his mate at Melbourne that after beating them twice last year Melbourne were going to make sure we would never beat them again. It was shaping up to be an intense game well before we even ran out onto the ground - and it was. First quarter we were into the wind and we kept it to 1 goal each and the tension was starting to build. We went into the first break a couple of points up. We pushed hard with the wind and were winning contests all over the ground and blocking their famous switch play. Arguments, late hits, pushing and lots of retaliating developed. Miles tackled one of their players hitting him so hard that he rose into the air and eventually fell to earth a few meters away. We got our noses a bit further in front and lead (by about 10 points??) at half time. During the year we had really fallen away in the third and fourth quarters - but not today. Back into the wind, more hard hits, more pressure. Hii Man retaliated to a late hit with a double fisted jumper punch to his opponents neck. Both players were sent off. Machine laid the strongest hip and shoulder of the day and sent a Melbourne player flying into the fence where he lay - nobody retaliated. 8 points up at the final break. We got the start we needed in the last quarter kicking 2 goals to get the lead out to over 3. Melbourne fought till the end kicking 2 goals themselves but we had it in the bag by then. A slightly farcical finish saw kickboxer hold up play stuck in the centre square in a kind of karate kid flamingo pose with cramp. The siren went off 3 times and finally the game was over. We sang the song and not 1 Melbourne player came in for a beer.

It's been a torrid old year for the 2s but players, coaches and supporters have kept their heads high and proud. With an influx of players available (probably for the 1st time this year) it seemed that there wasnt going to be the same reliance needed of the 50s players to make a full team. At home playing against Melbourne we started very well and were giving as much as we were getting. It was a very close affair and we were rattling our opposition a bit. Maybe they thought they only needed to attend to get the win? With a full bench complement to rest players we were taking it up to Melbourne and went in at half time very even. In the third the battle continued. We fell behind slightly but we were in with a great chance to win, all be it 7 points down and against a slight wind in the last. Melbourne peppered the goals but kept missing. It's these sort of scenarios where you can end up kicking a goal against the trend. Although we were close we couldnt quite bridge the gap and late goal saw our opponents take the prize. What a wonderful effort though, and it gives us some confidence that with some good off season recruiting we'll be very competitive next year.

The 50s had been competitive all year and with a bit of luck could have had more than just the two wins on the board for the season. We were under no false pretenses as our opponents Willi Blue were on top of the ladder without a loss for the season and a massive percentage. The siren blew and the last opening ball up for the season began the game. It was very competitive, we were moving the ball around exceptionally well and creating opportunities. Willi popped the first goal but we replied quickly. They kicked another and we replied again. By the end of the quarter we were peppering the goals but two missed opportunities out on the full and a wayward snap shot saw us in front at quarter time against the premiers. Close to our best quarter for the season made us very proud. Unfortunately that was where the evenness ended. Willi came out in the second and had obviously done some homework as they dominated the ruck and completely shut out our ball winners. We didn't get a look in as they piled on 6 or 7 goals in quick succession. Unfortunately, although we put up a much better 3rd and 4th quarters, we couldn't counter the dominance, this was one very good side. Maybe we were over-awed by their #17, a guy who actually played a game of AFL footy for the Tigers. We fought to the end to no avail and endured our worst loss for the season. Nevertheless it was a good season and we look forward to some gun 35s turning 50 next year to bolster our team for 2019.

Well done to all players in 2018. Let's get behind each other and support each other and recruit and make 2019 the year of the Warriors.

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All teams playing away this week it was a relief to see that the initial forecasts of heavy rain did not eventuate. In its place was a howling wind which would make good disposal and goal kicking very tricky. The 50s by another unique rostering initiative played at 12.45pm instead of 10.45am against Brunswick at Altona North (work that one out). We knew we were a good chance this round as Brunswick were only just above us on the ladder. Short of players once again, with all 3 Sercia brothers out of action, we borrowed from Williamstown to field a team we knew was capable of winning. The Warriors started well and produced a number of opportunities but it only netted us 3 behind. As often happens, it led to Brunswick going forward and dobbing the first goal, which they held onto at quarter time (with a slghtly favouring breeze). We produced a better 2nd quarter on the scoreboard and outscored Brunswick to go in just 2 points behind at half time. As suspected, it was a very close game. The third quarter was one to break the game open but again it was a game of the defences. We outscored them by a point to be just 1 down at the last break. Could we find something to break them. Again it was a dour struggle until an undisciplined 50 metre penalty (wont say who) gave Brunswick a guaranteed goal, a goal that proved to be the difference between winning and losing. A great fight but again just a player two short to make the most of it.

The 35 reserves were playing Bayside who were sitting pretty near the top of the ladder. Without any 50s to help and just 12 players plus 3 seniors doubling up to make it 15 versus 16 it was of course going to be a big ask. HeMan was asked for a herculean but even he could not prevent a good win for Bayside. Regardless a otn of spirit was shown with the highlight of the game being Strauchnie's stern words to an opponent having a go at Kim for a strong and fair tackle. That's the spirit biys, stick up for your team mates.

The ones played solidly to keep Bayside to a 1 goal lead against a strong wind in the first quarter. The second saw both teams struggle with the wind and the ball was on the scoreboard side of the ground far too often for us to take advantage of the wind. A big sardine between two players going for a strong mark saw Porky concussed and taken off to hospital by ambulance. Bayside managed to increase their lead by a couple of goals. We fought back well a couple of times when it could have blown out and eventually went down by 5 goals ot so. The upbeat attitude displayed by our players despite the tough season we've endured on field makes us proud to be Warriors. Well done boys.

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Wow. What a glorious sunny winter's day for footy. There was an air of excitement for this day was a special day. Was it the anticipation of 3 big wins? Maybe, but that wasn't the main reason. No, today was team photo day. It was a busy week for Buzzy Barber Hairdressing as players prettied themselves up and pumped extra arm sessions in the gym in preparation. Unfortunately it was a very windy day so only those who had loaded their hair up with thick gel (or were bald) ended up with the desired look.

Now where was I? Oh yes gameday. The 50s started proceedings and were looking for a good showing after being outclassed the previous game. For once we won the toss and chose to go with the quite stiff breeze. We kicked a very early goal but it was deemed to have been out of bounds beforehand. From that point on we were playing competitively & managed a goal but almost at the bell Carrum kicked a goal that squared the game for the quarter. An early win for Carrum against the wind. In the 2nd it was our intention to fight hard and limit the damage against the wind. We put up a tremendous quarter and despite their huge lug of a ruckman winning almost every tapout despite Ribs greatest efforts to nullify him, we won the quarter on the ground but couldn't put any scoreboard pressure whereas Carrum made the most of their opportunities and went in in front by 11 points. A familiar story by this stage, with injuries taking its toll and virtually no-one left on the bench we committed to pushing hard in the third. It was a great quarter, we kicked 3 and took a 2 point lead going into the last. As usually feels the case, the breeze in the last seemed to strengthen for Carrum making our task just that little bit harder. We held them for as long as we could but eventually as our legs tired, Carrum took the ascendancy and piled on 4 goals in the last to our 1 and came home almost 4 goal winners. With things going a little bit differently that was definitely a winnable game. We just need to keep at it. There's certainly no lack of desire. Well done.

The 35s reserves was a similar story to previous weeks. 4 x 50s players backed up to make a full team. It was great to have our spiritual leader Dasha back from injury and we were going to give it a red hot go. And that we did. We had the wind in the first quarter but we were very competitive. We fought hard moved the ball well and were rewarded with 3 goals. It just showed that we do have the skill and courage to be competitive. In the 2nd we continued with the fight and although Carrum had the wind we kept at it and restricted their scoring chances with some fine defence. It was only a couple of goals in it at half time. After the break, as is often the case, when you're fighting with a lack of fresh players, we couldn't maintain the same pressure and Carrum pulled away to an easy win but we should hold up our heads for our efforts. Every one of you looked within to do the best you can and that's all we can ask as a team.

The 35s ones for Carrum have had a very strong season and sitting at the top of the ladder and us at the bottom, it was hard to fathom how we might beat them. Hopefully Carrum would have a down day and we would perform out of our skin. Unfortunately that was not to be. We just don't currently have the depth of players and some pretty handy players out for the rest of the season and all we could do was once again fight like Warriors to limit the damage. Let's look forward to next week's game against Bayside where, if we play our best, we are a definite chance.

Heads up & let's see everyone at the training track and fired up for our last two matches of the season. Remember at our age you never know when it may be your last game, so make the most of it.

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A partly cloudy and chilly but warming day greeted the 50s for the game against Diamond Valley at their ground in Heldielberg. Going into the match once again we weren't sure if we'd have enough players but guys pulled through despite many injuries atm. Our long-time team mate Pinga had left us and migrated to Diamond Valley and was keen to prove a point as indeed were we. Unfortunately it was quickly evident that it was going to be a tough day. DV piled on 5 in the first to our 1. Despite this, a very memorable moment took place. The Nevster kicked his first goal for the Warriors off the ground. Keen to look back at the video replay we were disappointed to see that the moment wasn't captured however we were all excited for him. Ironically that was to be our only and last goal for the game. Although we created opportunities every now and then we could not make the most of them. In the end DV were just simply too good for us. Hopefully we can get some players back from injury very soon and put up a much better display next game at home against Carrum.

The 35s reserves were playing at home against Peninsula. We had players doubling up from everywhere, the ones and the 50s as we were once again short of players due to 1s players pulling out on the day. This is really disappointing, the only ones you are letting down are your team mates. Remember to keep your coach updated at all times and as early as possible. Anyhow we weren't expecting miracles but the first half was exceptional by the Warriors. We managed 3 goals in the first half and kept the opposition relatively in check but the floodgates predicatbly opend up in the 2nd half as player legs tired and without a bench. Keep going at it, we'll get there eventually.

The 35s ones again knew we were going to be up against it against 3rd team Peninsula. We had players who had already played in the reserves and for the first time this year 2 x 50s players who had already played out at Heidelberg. The first quarter was a cracker. We were very hard at the ball, creating a lot of pressure and the opportunities came. We went with them basically goal for goal ending up just a goal down at quarter time. The second was played in a similar vein, we were really putting in hard and getting some reward. It was just our last kick into the forwardline that was letting us down a little. Even so we kept the opposition in check to be just 2 goals down at half time. Coach Frosty demanded our concentration, to keep the pressure as we had done in the first half. But the same pattern emerged as we had seen previously. The lack of numbers and the effort required to pressure our opposition took its toll and with more confidence Peninsula took over and scored at will after half time. Once again a promising start turned into an avalanche which really doesn't represent the effort of the boys. We just need to recover, stick together and all 3 teams make a big showing at our triple header at our home gorund next match.

Team photos are on for the next game, so whether you are playing on not please try and get to the ground for your photo at least. geared up and ready to go 20 minutes before your game. Remember Buzzy Barber for a haircut before the photo shoot.

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Woke up a few times overnight and all that could be heard was heavy rain. The forecast wasn't great and for once the forecasters got it right. The 50s scrounged up 14 players to trek out to Geelong. First look at the ground resembled a massive children's swimming pool and a strong cold southerly breeze added to the chill factor. It was going to be a difficult task for us with our runners Sammy, Lamby, Lawrie & Brad Geelong all out. Thankfully Geelong lent us 4 players and we were away. For some inexplicable reason the umpire asked one of the Geelong players playing for us which hand the whistle was in. Of course he was wrong and Geelong chose to go with the wind. Where it started was where it ended unfortunately for us. Geelong piled on 5 goals 2 to zip. Unsure how since you couldn't even grasp the ball it was so wet and slippery. Perfect conditions for a seal. We implored the players to just keep working hard and we were rewarded for the rest of the game pretty much an even game from that point on going down by 6 goals. Was never going to be a pretty day for us but Geelong were perfect hosts and it was a good day to get through unscathed.

The 35s reserves fronted up against Melbourne at their St Kilda ground and their ground wasn't any better. Aptly described by Matty D as a cold rainy bog. Been a long time since we have played on such wet grounds. With a few players pulling out of teams, once again we were battling uphill. The highlight of the game was coach Pants coming out of retirement and donning on the boots. Now that's what you call a committed coach. Unfortunately we only once troubled the scoreboard and Melbourne ran out 7 goal winners.

The ones had some late withdrawals and also missing midfielders Simo and Tex it was going to be hard but we were confident after beating them twice last year that we could put up a bold showing in what has been a difficult year thus far. Unfortunately it was difficult to put together clean possession all game or even get near the scoreboard and Melbourne ran out comfortable winners by 6 or so goals. We just haven't been able to field our best side all year for various reasons which obviously we need to do to contend in games. Hopefully next match our 35s play at home to Peninsula & 50s away to Diamond Valley where Pinga has defected to.

Chin up guys, there's always next week.

ROUND 2 of the ladies fixture is at home at Waverley Warriors, Meade Reserve on Saturday 7th July. All 3 games will be played here.

Game 1 is 12.15pm, Melbourne Vs Werribee
Game 2 is 1.50pm, Waverley Vs Box Hill North
Game 3 is 3.25pm, Mordialloc Vs Coburg

As it is our home ground we need volunteers for all games including goal umpires and timekeeper/scoreboard duties. Please contact Sue Emery on 0406 104 029 if you are able to help.

We want to see a great crowd and ask that all club members who can please support this day with your presence and to cheer our girls on.

Go Warriors!

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Glorious day for footy. Unfortunately not a glorious result across the 3 teams all going down this week. There's always next week.

The 50s hosted Geelong at Meade Reserve. We were both coming off good wins the previous week and we expected a good battle. After a slow start seeing Geelong kicking a goal early, the Warriors quickly took over and dominated the 1st quarter kicking 3 goals 4 behinds to put a handy 15 point lead. In the second the Warriors dominated again, we were creating space and running hard into them, leaving Geelong in our wake. Problem is we squandered opportunities and two quick goals to Geelong, one from a very dubious free, late in the quarter so Geelong outscore us by 1 point. The 3rd yet again more of the same. We peppered the goals but couldn't get it through those two big sticks. Despite 7 scoring shots to 4 we lost the quarter again by 3 points. Coming into the last we still had a 11 point lead. We kicked a quick goal giveing us some breathing space but Geelong replied immediately. We kicked another and Geelong once again responded. Unfortunately Big Dave & Ange succumbed to injury and without a bench we ran out of legs. Geelong, who we had held to 4 goals in 3 quarters piled on 6 in the last to run out 8 point winners. Disappointing for us but we had a crack and you can't ask for more than that. Maybe some lowering of the eyes into the forward 50 instead of blazing away at goals would have made the difference. Something to think about for our return game at Geelong next round.

35s reserves headed to De La Salle to play their second team South Yarra, which is really in effect a firsts team. We had the same arrangement two years ago but the league told us this was no longer allowed, so it was with some head-scratching that we approached this game. Having struggled to string together a seconds team this year we knew it probably wasn't going to be pretty and prepared ourselves to just try our best. It didn't help that 3 one's players pulled out of their game as it depleted the reserves even more. And try we did but we were no match for the opposition. With injuries piling up, some 50s players turned up to help out by mid through the second quarter but by that time South Yarra had already piled on 10 goals. We managed to put together some great pasaages of play and finally managed to put a behind on the board in the last quarter. We have to wear another big loss but we need to look at the bigger picture. Another season of recruiting and we'll be a much stronger side next year.

35s ones were rocked by the late withdrawal of 3 players before the game but regardless we still had what, on paper, looks like a very strong team. It was a perfect day for footy and we were going to try our best to put our first win on the board. We played a brilliant first quarter, we were moving the ball around well and hitting the scoreboard. At the end of the first quarter we led by a goal. The second we were still competitive but found it a little harder to score. We could only manage 3 behinds & De La Salle put on two to take a slender half time lead. So we were now where we were for most games this year, within striking distance of the opposition. What could we conjure up this week. Unfotunately whilst e fought on gamely, De La Salle etched a little further ahead kicking 3 goals to 1 to go into the last 19 points in front. Not an unassailable lead if we play a good quarter but the flood gates opened in the last, and not to our advantage. A 5 goal to 1 last saw a 39 point loss, a margin that really didn't reflect the competitiveness of the game. 4 goals 10 behinds didn't help our cause. Another one for the history books. Let's have some good training sessions and hit Melbourne hard next week.

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Away games this week for all our teams with 50s playing a night game. It was one of those days where it threatened to rain. Thankfully it mostly stayed away. First game of the day was the 35s reserves. It's been a tough old season due to a slight shortage of players and it wasn't going to get any easier with no 50s to back up this week. It was quickly evident early on that it was going to be another one of those days and we just had to grit our teeth and do our best. We kicked our only goal in the 2nd quarter and this was probably our best quarter. We fought very hard as always but in the end couldn't prevent a big blowout in the result. Chins up, we'll get there.

35s ones were confident of a good showing today. Dingley like the Warriors had not registered a win and with a couple of good players back this was our best opportunity yet to open the ledger. The first quarter was ding dong battle with both teams trading goal for goal. It was obvious that this was going to be a very tight game. There were some great passages of play and despite a late goal by Dingley we went in 1 point leaders at quarter time. 2nd quarter unfortunately was DIngleys. They managed their best quarter scorewise for the game and went in 10 point leaders. The third was tight again. We kept them to just 1 scoring shot but didn't take full advantage kicking 1 goal 3 for the quarter. It set up the last quarter for an enthralling battle 7 points in arrears. ALthough we fought extremely hard we couldn't put that important ice-breaker goal on the board and we ended up going down by 14 points though we had more scoring shots. An opportunity missed but we will butter up next week as we get closer each week to a win.

A bit of a novelty for the 50s with a night game at the hostile Frankston home ground. Due to a fixture nuance, we play Frankston again two weeks in a row. After smashing them last week we knew they would have a completely different team in this week at home. And that proved to be. Their midfield was very different and one of their great key forwards came out of retirement. Frankston made the early break and led. Warriors fought back to even the scores at quarter time, 2 goals a piece. Goals were going to prove harder to come by as the dew settled in. In the 2nd we strayed away from our game plan of chipping around and we were punished for it. Although creating opportunities we couldn't score easily and we were lucky to keep Frankston down to 1 goal to only be a goal down. We had a fight on our hands and had to knuckle down. Unfortunately by the 7th minute mark of the 3rd Frankston had kicked another two and pulled 3 goals in front. We'd only kicked two but then a transformation took place. The Warriors fight took hold. As we gained control Frankston wanted to fight to but only for the man. Crude tackles and behind the play hits just fired us up even more. We clawed back two goals in quick succession and the game was set up for a huge fight in the last with us 3 points down. The last was an amazing battle. We peppered the inside 50, scounged a couple of behinds to be just a point behind. With 3 minutes to go an opportunity opened and we grubbed a goal through the big sticks. We had to hold on for dear life for 2 minutes. It never saw Frankston's forward line again and we held on for a very inspiring 5 point win. Great effort by the boys, a very pressured game the whole night, and weirdly much more satisfying than the 120 point drubbing we gave them the week before.

The atmosphere around the club has been great despite the lack of wins for our 35s. We know we are just building and the important thing is that we enjoy our football. Next games for 35s is De La Salle away and 50s at home to the much improved Geelong.

Final score for the inaugural first women's game for the Warriors versus Coburg: Lost 2-0-12 to 2-1-13.

Click here for full game video

Ladies team first game ever is an exhibition game, Waverley Warriors vs Coburg at Moorleigh Community Village Reserve, East Bentleigh. Click here for map. $10 entry raising funds for breast cancer research.

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 8 - Front Bar Style - Bomber

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We're becoming very spoilt as Melbourne delivers us another perfect Sunday for our triple header of games at home at Meade Reserve. God forbids the day it is wet, I am not sure if we'd remember how to handle the conditions it's been that long.

There was a little bit of dew as players arrived for the 50s game but this was virtually gone by kick-off. We were conservatively optimistic about putting up a good show knowing that Frankston, like us, had not put a win on the scoreboard yet this season. We welcomed Ace back for his first game and also new guy Rob. The message was to just concentrate on the first quarter, don't worry about pacing ourselves, give it everything and show Frankston who's boss. And that we did. In probably our best ever quarter in the 50s, within 5 minutes we had put 4 goals on the board in a display of perfect teamwork. It was a joy to watch. By the end of the quarter we had piled on 8 goals to zero pretty much ending it as a contest. Our clear aim now was to win every quarter and not rest on our laurels. Again we dominated large parts of the quarter but Frankston were a lot more competitive and making a game of it but we did again win the quarter. By the end of the game we had piled on 19 goals and kept Frankston goalless. Whilst we were superior it's only great concentration on every line that allows you to prevent the opposition from scoring for a whole game. Well done boys, it was thoroughly deserved and in a quirk of the draw we back up against Frankston again at their ground, most likely a night game in a couple of weeks.

35 reserves were keen to put in a good performance. We knew however that due to shortage of numbers, especially a flow on effect from some missing 1s players, and having to recruit 50s players again to fill positions that it was going to be another tough day. We started with great promise, kicking the first goal. Unfortunately Puppy came in with sore ribs and hurt them again during the game so we lost his drive early on. we didn't manage to trouble the scoreboard after that and although we saw another 100 point loss, there were some great positives to come out of the game. We just need to keep building that list and hopefully with a few more players coming back we can become more competitive very soon.

After two tough games against some good opposition, the 1sts were quietly confident of a good showing against Mordialloc. The first quarter was a ripper with Jason kicking the first goal for the game and it was a tough, hard tussle after that. At quarter time the scores were dead level and we had a game on our hands. In the second however, gradually Mordialloc found their way on top and on the occasions we were able to penetrate the inside 50 we didn't convert as we would have liked and found ourselves 17 points down at half time. It was a pretty much similar scenario after half time with Mordialloc just inching their way further and further ahead and with a 29 point margin at 3/4 time it was going to be a matter of pride in the last. We fought hard in the last to keep the score respectable but just didn't make the most of our chances scoring 2 goals 8 behinds for the match. We're not far away. With some players to come back we know we are very close to turning the tables on some of these times. Keep fighting Warriors, our time will come.

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 7 - Disco

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Another glorious day for our Anzac Day triple header at Wellington Reserve. It was a very tough day at the office for all teams so probably the less said the better. We were comprehensively beaten in all games by much better teams. It was not for lack of trying, we can never doubt our effort and desire. We need to hang tough and prepare ourselves for our next triple header at home Sunday week. Chin up guys!

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 5 - Mitch Buzzy Barber

Click here for photos.

A great day was had at the Sponsorship/Presentation Day. A big thank you to all that volunteered to make the day happen. The food was wonderful, the location brilliant and it was great to see so many there including some of our inaugural women's team players. Well done to all.

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 4 - meet Warrior coach Frosty

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And here we go again, another year of Supers footy and what a glorious day we are presented with for our 1st round for all 3 teams against Carrum at Roy Dore Reserve.

It was already a balmy 25 degrees by the time the 50s kicked off. Looking across towards the opposition team as the umpires addressed us and explained the new rules for 2018, some familiarity flowed back. The opposition looked extremely tall compared to us and they seemed to have many more players. Was it an illusion? A rub of the eyes and another look confirmed that this was no illusion. We would have to control the ball where we can and use our running game to get the win. We played Carrum in the final round in 2017 and were comprehensively beaten. Could we turn the tables? Early on Carrum took the ascendancy with a strong wind but couldn't convert. We fought well and kept ourselves within reach. In the 2nd it was our turn to use the wind. Although we peppered the inside 50s we were also a little wasteful at times and there was only a goal or so in it at half time. The third quarter was going to be a big test. We tried hard but now virtually without a bench and Eddie playing on with a broken rib, the game split open and Carrum took full advantage to create a biggish lead. Would we lay down in the last? No, we are Warriors and we fought hard and crawled our way back and nailed 4 goals to be within a sniff. Carrum however steadied and ran out 18 point winners. A really strong performance by the Warriors and a vast improvement by resukt on the equivalent game last year. We have another opportunity to exact our revenge later in the year.

It was great to see plenty of new faces in the 35 reserves and a reborn coach in Pants. Unfortunately due to a few players missing for Round 1, a few 50s had to double up. We knew it might be a tough day when the opposition gleefully explained that they had so many players that 20 or so missed out on a game. Maybe send some our way? It was pretty clear early on that there was a bit of a mismatch and we were just going to have to use our fighting spirit. By half time the margin was nearly 100 points but what could we do in the 2nd half. To our credit we kept fighting on and it was a much improved effort in the 2nd half and were only outscored by a couple more goals. Although we were outplayed we certainly had some strong performers and feel that we do have a stronger side this year in the reserves. With a few players to come back for Round 2 we know we will have some good results this year, particuarly against sides that don't have 20 spare players watching from the sidelines.

And out came the big guns. Semi-finalists from last year were out to show we were going to be competitive this year. We did have some good players missing from our Round 1 line up but also some exciting new players to take the field. From the outset it was clear Carrum were a slick outfit but we were very competitive. By half time though the onslought was hard to resist and Carrum took a strong lead going into the break It clearly looked like the game would be out of our reach and the second half was going to be about us using our fight to halve the game. In output, as true Warriors do, we produced, and all be it for some wayward kicking for goal in the tricky wind, we managed to compete at every level with Carrum to go down but go down with pride.

A tough day in the office away at Carrum but plenty of positives to work with in all teams and we look forward to seeing everyone at training in preparation for our next game.

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 3 - meet Warrior player Dasha
Warning: Some language may offend

Congratulations to the captains selected for the two 35s teams, thoroughly deserved choices. 50s will be announced on Sunday before the game.

35s Captain: Nick 'Simo' Simonds
35s Vice: Lui 'Silk' Nguyen
Reserves Captain: Darren 'Dasha' McCann
Reserves Vice: Razz Teap
Reserves Deputy Vice: Klaus 'Santa' Lorentschitsch
50s Captain: Alex 'Seal' Vasitch
50s Vice: Steven Bell

Waverley Warriors Bunnings fund raising BBQ Saturday 21 April 2018 : Notting Hill Bunnings, Ferntree Gully Rd

8am to 10 am - Bring all food, utensils etc, prepare and set up,

Belly,Ange,Sammy,Mark S

10 am to midday

Belly,Ange,Matty D,Sammy,Mark S

Midday to 2pm


2 pm to close at 4pm - clean up at 4pm & all equipment, utensils, left overs, money etc to be either picked up or dropped off


Thank you to all volunteers

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 2 - meet Warrior player Miles

You're invited to our combined Sponsor/Jumper Presentation & Barefoot Lawn Bowls Day on Sunday 15th April. We request all players attend this important function.

WHEN: Sunday 15th April 1pm to 5pm
WHERE: Glen Waverley Lawn Bowls - 690 Waverley Rd
WHO: Womens & Mens teams, sponsors & all family members
RSVP: Essential to Travis on 0433 159 317

Click here for the brochure.

Meet Ur Warrior - Episode 1 - meet a Warrior player in our new video segment for 2018

Player Registration Fees are due. Please click here for 2018 league registration and payment details.

This year our sponsors are as follows:
* Buzzy Barber Hairdressing for Men and Women
* Vigeo Financial Services
* Hazaway Asbestos Removal Services
* VIP Home Maintenance & Fencing
* Bendigo Bank - Dingley Village
* Back In Motion Physiotherapy - Clayton
* La Porchetta - Rowville
* Frances Insurance Group

Please click here for our Sponsors page. Please support our sponsors and their great services as they are the lifeline for our club and have graciously donated funds and time to the Waverley Warriors.

All mens team fixture are now available.

Click here for 35s
Click here for 35s Reserves

Click here for 50s

Games for 2018 are every second Sunday and are on the following dates:

Round 1 - 8th April
Round 2 -22nd April
Round 3 - 6th May
Round 4 - 20th May
Round 5 - 3rd June
Round 6 - 17th June
Round 7 - 1st July
Round 8 - 15th July
Round 9 - 29th July
Round 10 - 12th Aug
Semi - 26th Aug
Grand Final - 9th September

The Over 35s Reserves Coach for 2018 is Peter 'Pants' Nash. Pants has coached a number of times before, the last was the 50s team in 2014 and 2015. Congratulations, we look forward to a great year.

2018 Committee

13 January

We'd like to congratulate the new committee for 2018. Angelo Sercia has put up his hand for presidency this year and we are confident he can lead the continued strengthening of the club. Mich Sercia is Vice President, Matt Devenish is Secretary and Nick Simonds is Treasurer. Other elected committee members are Tex Howell, Stephen Bell, Brendan Blakeman and Dave Stephens. Please throw your full support behind these guys as there is a lot of work involved in running the club and all committee members act in the best interest of the club members.

Waverley Warriors are in a very strong financial position. The task now is to strengthen our position by attracting more sponsorship and new players to the club so if you know anyone in either area please encourage them to become a part of our club. Onwards and upwards for 2018.

Over 50s video clips of 2017

Seal   Sammy   Ace   Brad Maradona  

2017 Goals   Marks   Hits